Tuesday, 5 May 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #51: Contagious


Farmer Giles entered the pig sty and filled the pig's container with food. The pigs came running to get their fill, but suddenly Primrose, the largest sow and chief of the sty stopped in her tracks.

"What's the matter Primrose" said her friend Daisy.
"Didn't you see that Daisy, Farmer Giles is wearing a mask over his face. He didn't even say good morning to us but just left in a hurry. I wonder what's wrong?"
"Perhaps he is just a bit overworked Primrose, although I must say he did look a bit funny with that thing over his nose and mouth."
"Daisy I think I will ask Scruffy the farm cat. He wanders in and out of the farm house and might know something. Scruffy, can you come over here, I want to ask you something."
"I am on my way Primrose, but you don't mind if I keep my distance."
"Is there something wrong Scruffy, you are not usually so shy. You are always sniffing around in our hay to see if a mouse might be hidden there."
"You know Primrose, I quite like you pigs, even if you do roll around in the dirt and smell a bit. You have always been kind to me and let me have a sleep in your hay sometimes, so please don't take it too personal."
"Take what personal? I don't get it."
"Do you know what he is on about Daisy?"
"No I havn't got a clue."
"Well it's like this pigs" continued Scruffy the cat "you know I am sometimes in the farmhouse and they have this thing called radio where they tell you what is going on in the world. I heard that there are a lot of pigs at the moment with the flu and even humans can get it. That's why they are all wearing masks when they come near you. Please don't take offence but I don't know how contagious it is and it might be that cats can get it as well."
"Well, I feel fine at the moment" answered Primrose "What about you Daisy?"
"I have never felt so good for a long time. Spring is in the air and the sun is shining."
"Did someone say something about Spring. Now ladies, I am ready and willing so just let me know."
"Oh look who is here and thinks he is natures gift to the sow - Brutus our prize hog. Since he won a prize at the last Summer fare there is no holding him back. No thanks Brutus, Petunia the sow over there has just given birth to 12 piglets so I think you have done your duty up to now. A-tishoo, oh dear."
"Primrose, did you sneeze?" asked Brutus, "I think I will be going. See you later."
"Just a minute Brutus, what is the hurry. A minute ago you wanted a roll in the hay with me and now suddenly you have changed your mind and are on the way out."
"I don't want to be personal Primrose, but I heard what Scruffy just said and I really do not want to take any chances."
"Sorry, but I just do not understand. I sneezed because some hay got in my nose and suddenly you think I have some sort of contagious disease. Daisy where do you think you are going. Stay here and tell that overweight hog that I am completely healthy."
"But Primrose you heard what Scruffy said. There is a pig flu around and you just sneezed. I don't have a mask like Farmer Giles, and I can't take any chances, can I Brutus?"
"Well no, Daisy, but why ask me in particular?"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have put on a bit of extra weight lately, didn't you notice. Looks like you will be father again soon Brutus."
"Oh, that's fantastic, then I have another good chance of winning at the fair this year for the most attractive and active hog of the year."
So you see Primrose, I just cannot take any chances. And it was a rather loud sneeze."
"You know what you are all behaving like the pigs you are. Just leave me alone. And Brutus, I have no interest in giving you anything, my flu or anything else you might want."

Primrose was feeling very sad, so she just went off into her own corner and cried a little. It was then that Scruffy came into the pig sty again, accompanied by Farmer Giles. Farmer Giles put fresh water in the container for the pigs and he was not wearing the mask any more.

"So girls, you can now all relax" said Scruffy, "the scare is over. The pig flu is not in our country but somewhere else. They said it on the radio and Farmer Giles called in at the veterinary station to ask how things are. They told him not to worry and he does not have to wear a mask any more.

"That is great news" said Brutus "so Primrose, how is it with us two?"
Primrose looked at Brutus with a glare.
"You know what Brutus, get lost. Twelve piglets next door, Daisy is waiting for her next brood and you want to set up a record just to win a prize at the local fair. I have only one thing to say to you "Aaaaaah-tishooo."

Creative Challenge #51: Contagious

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