Monday, 18 May 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #144: A Bottle of Wine

Skyerider's Challenge

You have been invited to a party that you are obliged to attend. No excuses. You have to buy a gift for the host/hostess of the party. The problem is that you dislike the person hosting the party. Write a scene using one of the following scenarios:
- You have just been informed that you have to attend the party and bring a gift.
- You have already bought the gift and are en route to the party.
- You are in a shop, choosing a gift for the party.
- The party is in progress and the host/hostess is about to open your gift.

„Ready Jean?“

„Just a minute, I think my mascara is smudged.”

“You look perfect, where are you going now, we are going to be late.”

“Stay calm Jack, I don’t know why you are bothered coming late. You never did like your Uncle Fred, you always said he had something funny about him.”

“No, I do not like Uncle Fred. He is a mean old man and I am only going to his birthday party because he will probably cut me out of his will if I don’t.”

“Well that is not a very nice thing to say Jack. We don’t really need the money, do we?”

“Jean there is a difference in needing and wanting. Uncle Fred is a millionaire. Remember the win he had on the football?”

“Oh that, it was a lot of money, but he never seems to spend very much.”

“That is the reason why I am going to suffer spending an evening with him celebrating his birthday. By the way have you got his present?”

“What present Jack?”

“The bottle of expensive French wine I bought in the wooden case that was lying on the kitchen table wrapped up in gift paper with a red band around it.”
“Oh that, no I thought you had it.”

“Jean if your thought a bit less about your mascara and a bit more about things that are really important, we would not be sitting in the car waiting to drive off, without the most important thing of the evening.”

“Well he is your uncle not mine.”

“Jean would you please go and get the present and bring it to the car.”

“Yes Jack, at once. I am beginning to hate Uncle Fred as well.”

“Did you say something Jean.”

“I am on my way.”

“Well, that took long enough, you only had to get the present.”

“I know, but I had a little accident.”


“Well it was like this. I sort of picked up the present and Bobbles ran in front of my feet.”

“What does Bobbles our cat have to do with it.”

“I lost my balance and the present sort of fell out of my hands and crashed to the floor.”

“You dropped a bottle of expensive French wine on the floor that cost me almost a week’s wages; wine that grows on a slope somewhere in the Bordeaux region of France, a first growth.”

“Well Jack, I don’t know about how many times it grew, but now we have a first crash, but don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry? Of course I am worried. Not only do I have to go to a birthday party for someone that I hate, but my chances of a nice inheritance have also now disappeared. You have broken his bottle of wine.”

“Well the wooden case is still ok. That didn’t break.”

“Oh, fine, so what do we do now.”

“No problem Jack, I threw the broken glass from the bottle away, but managed to save the label on the bottle.”

“I can’t give old grumpy a wine bottle label.”

“Jack, give me credit for a little bit of intelligence. I took one of our wine bottles from the cellar, washed the label off and replaced the label with the one from the special, unique first growth wine. He will never know the difference. I even put the gift wrapping around the present. It looks just the same. So now drive off, otherwise we will be late.”

“Here we are Jack, are you sure that this is the right day. Everything seems to be quiet at the house. No party noise around.”

“You are right Jean, but there is Aunt Gladys, Uncle Fred’s wife.”

“She doesn’t look very happy does she Jack.”

“No, you are right Jean. Let’s see what’s happened.”

“Oh Jack, Jean, it would have been so nice to have seen you again. Fred was so looking forward to seeing his favourite nephew after so long. I think it has been a year since you last paid us a visit on his last birthday. It is a shame that you cannot call more often, but now it’s too late.”

“Aunt Gladys why are you crying and what do you mean too late? Has something happened?”

“Yes Jack, I am sorry to say. Your Uncle Fred was getting some wine from the cellar for the party and had an accident. He fell down the stairs and, oh dear, how can I put it, he hit his head on the stone stairs, and never woke up again. His body has already been transported to the morgue and the funeral will be some time next week.”

“Oh how terrible, I feel so sorry for you.”

“Thank you Jack”

“Yes Aunt Gladys this is such a shock for us both.”

“I see you have brought a present for Uncle Fred. Just bring it into the house.”

“Well, I don’t know Aunt Gladys, It is perhaps not such a good present as it is a bottle of French wine and after what happened…..”

“Oh, Jack, it has been such a sad day, but I think it would be a good idea to perhaps drink a glass or two in memory of Uncle Fred.”

“Well that was a surprise Jack. At least you didn’t have to spend the evening at a party you didn’t want to attend and it seemed that Aunt Gladys didn’t even notice that she was drinking wine from the local supermarket.”

“You know Jean I don’t even think that Aunt Gladys was very sad at Uncle Fred’s demise. I just hope that she doesn’t turn into the merry widow and start enjoying Uncle Fred’s money."

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