Sunday, 17 May 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #45 (MM #59)

Balmflühköpfli, SolothurnP1080169

This week I was in another village along the line (mountain and railway line) with my first aid group testing the students at one of the schools for their first aid certificate that they have to have for passing the driving test. Although the same mountains, there was a bit of a different angle so I was taking photos. Actually my husband grew up in the area shown on the picture in a small village a bit higher up. I wanted a sort of old effect on the photo, but have not yet found the exact way in CS3 yet, so I did my own sort of thing. The photo on the right hand side is a cutting board I use when cooking that had not been washed. It is actually a creamy sort of colour but I sepiafied the photo.

The next step was to take the original mountain photo and make it sepia in Piknik, twiddling around for various effects. I did not like the sky, much too quiet so I took a photo of clouds, did it sepia, and made a second layer. I then removed the original sky and made it all cloudy and threatening with a second layer in CS3 Photoshop. Now for my own invention, perhaps. I had my sepia photo and I then superimposed my photo of the cutting board on top of it making transparency about 60% (I think). I then went into the insides of CS3 seeing what effects that had to offer. I just cannot remember which one I took, I think something with intensify. I then put the photo back into my Fireworks programme and chose a wooden frame. Actually the frame is twice on the photo in different sizes. Anyhow here is the finished result.

Balmfluhköpfli finished

Larger Size

Now for my plus. Actually I did one, was not satisfied so did another one. Afterwards I could not decide which one to bring so here are both.


On my excursion to another village (which was Hubersdorf) I met some goats outside the school. They are kept there in a neat pen, three of them. Of course I went berserk with the camera and took a few photos. At the same time my wisteria was blossoming in the garden looking very nice, but making a lot of work as we have to sweep the blossoms up every day. I decided I wanted to combine the goats with the wisteria. I put these two photos into Photoshop CS3, made two layers and removed a few things with the magic wand. Back to Piknik for a mirror frame, and here is the result, which I thought a bit boring.

goats wisteria finished

Larger Size


Here is my second attempt. I told the goat to stand on the platform and he helpfully obliged. I then put both photos in CS3 Photoshop. I cut the goat out of his surroundings with his platform and put him into the Wisteria. One goat alone seemed a bit boring to me, so I copied him a few times and eventually had four goats. I had to keep shifting the copies around in CS3 to get one goat in front of the other. Those that have photoshop know what I mean, and those that don't are probably as lost as I am when working with the programme. Anyhow I had four goats with giant wisteria in the background. I then had a look to see what photoshop had to offer and transferred my photo into a canvas background, something like the artists do with oil paint. Back to Fireworks for a suitable frame and here is the result. Any questions - just ask, but I cannot promise I know the answers. Otherwise ask our crocodile in the swamp, I am sure he knows.

4 goats with frame

Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #45 (MM #59)

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