Thursday, 14 May 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #144: The Clouds of the Gods

Spaceeagle's Challenge

Write a poem or story using the phrase "the voluminous clouds."

„Hey Jupiter, I am bored“

„Venus you are not supposed to be bored, but do your job. Make people fall in love.”

“That’s boring. They have arguments after a while and fall out of love again. In the meanwhile I have a few new lovers waiting for the big day, and then it all starts again.”

“So what am I supposed to do. I am the chief around here and what I say goes. Look at the other gods, they are not bored, but doing their job, no questions asked; typical woman.”

“I didn’t hear that one boss. I have an idea; show me how to make some clouds. You are always complaining you need a holiday and that the responsibility of the job is getting too much for you. Mercury is just going on a trip why don’t you join him? In the meanwhile I will look after the weather and the clouds for you.”

“Well I suppose it would be an idea, but who is going to do your job?”

“I told you, everyone is in love and those that were, have fallen out of love again. I think the human race can do without love for a while.”

“Yes but if I am not here, there will be no-one to organise things.”

“Then organise them before you go. Tell Mars to start a war somewhere, then I won’t have to make people fall in love and I can have fun, sorry look after the clouds. Mercury is quite fast with those winged feet and all you have to do is jump on his back and you will be off as soon as you wave your staff and conjure up some thunder.”

“Are you sure, I mean you have never really done much with the weather up to now.”

“Juppy you always said the weather does what it wants even when you tell it otherwise. Now give me your book with the instructions. No problem, you will only be gone a couple of days and when you return you will be refreshed and the weather will be glad to see you again. Go and pay a visit to those Greek Gods for a change, I am sure Zeus will be glad to see you and don’t forget to give my best wishes to Aphrodite. You could even stop by the German bunch on the way, you know how you admire Thor for his thunder bolts.”

“Well I suppose you are right. Yes that’s true. Perhaps Thor will let me have his recipe. Ok, in that case I am off. The instruction book is just behind that cloud over there with the silver lining. Don’t lose it and be careful.”

They were the last words Jupiter said to Venus before he flew off with Mercury.

“I do hope everything goes well” he said to Mercury.

“Of course everything is ok Juppy, Venus knows what she is doing. She has never disappointed me.”

“Mercury, my name is Jupiter not Juppy. You are adapting too much slang from those Greeks over on the other side. Venus has never disappointed any of the male Gods up to now, after all she was trained for it.”

“You too Juppy”

“Mercury, my name is Jupiter, and I was the one that had to train her, being the boss.

Meanwhile back in the home of the Gods, Venus was mixing some clouds.

“Now that’s a pretty pink colour, wonder why Juppy never uses that one. I just love those pastel colours; a little bit of white fluff, a tint of light blue and rose coloured. That will make the perfect cloud with a red dot at the tip. Now how much does the book tell me to use? One goblet of each colour, well that is not very much. No wonder the weather is always doing what it wants to. It needs at least two goblets for good measure. Juppy is getting a bit too old for that sort of thing. Those boring clouds he makes, it is no wonder everything is so dismal and dark. He is always making the voluminous clouds, but it just needs an artistic touch. I am sure I will make the best clouds he has ever seen, after all I am the goddess of love.”

In the meanwhile Jupiter was enjoying his break away from the every day chores, but it was soon time to go home. Zeus had given him a barrel of Greek olives as a souvenir to take back and Thor had given his secret recipe for thunder, so Jupiter just could not wait to arrive home and try it out.

“Well boss, we are nearly there” said Mercury. “Glad I could change the wings on my feet in Greece, the others wings were losing their feathers. Well just look at that Juppy, seems that Venus has been at work.”

“I don’t believe it, Mercury; no, not that, this is ridiculous. Wait until I get my hands on that love making goddess. She will wish she had never been born.”

“Hi Juppy, nice to see you again. As you can see I got the hang of the cloud bit. They came out a bit big, but everyone says how pretty they are. I didn’t even have to worry about people falling in love. Even Mars decided there was no point in starting a war, you know make love not war. Diana stopped hunting, well she found something much better called Mars – he he.”

“Venus stop that stupid giggling. Have you gone completely mad? Just look at those clouds.”

“Nice and voluminous aren’t they Juppy.”

“My name is Jupiter and clouds in the shape of enormous women’s breasts are not the idea for the Roman God’s heaven. Zeus is making a return visit next week, and those clouds disappear before he arrives. I want black, dark thundery clouds. Thank goodness Thor gave me his secret recipe.”

“Typical men, not a romantic bone in their body. All they think of is making noise with thunder bolts.”

United Friends Challenge #144: The Clouds of the Gods

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