Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #53: Enchanting


Watching life and the clouds go bye
An enchanting ride in the garden
Nothing to do, just relaxing in a far off world
Wondering if the clouds are sometimes bored
Chasing each other across a sunlit sky
Followed by a solitary plane winging its way to a place above the clouds

Rose Bug

Alone in a chair, sleepy, no sound, just solitary movements
caused by a cautious wind, not wanting to disturb.
Opening my eyes to an unexpected quiver, feeling a vibration
A lonely bug flies past on a quest and falls
losing his sense of where to go
perhaps sleepy in the heat and slowness of the day

Blackberry with bee

The wind moves with nature, the organs of plants
calling to be cooled, to be enchanted by the breeze,
welcoming a passing fluttering insect
who will take his rewards from their hearts.
A far distant noise of a car drums past on the highway.
Let the others do their duty, nature and I rest at peace with the world.

Creative Challenge #53: Enchanting

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