Friday, 1 May 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #140: May Day and the Plumber

Mystydragon's Challenge

Write a story or a poem from the viewpoint of a suppressed emotion.
It might be rage, love, happiness, fear - you choose the emotion.

05.00 a.m.
Early in the morning after a good night’s sleep and the question is shall I stay in bed or the usual early morning visit to the bathroom. I will settle for the bathroom, there are still a few hours to enjoy the rest of sleep afterwards. Back to bed and eyes closed for another couple of hours. Oh life is so satisfying when you do not have to rise and today is a free day. No shopping to do and just please myself.

Now what do I hear. I am just sinking into oblivion and I hear the sound of rushing water. It cannot be raining outside, I hear the birds singing and I can even catch a glimpse of early morning sun through the blinds, but there is running water and it seems to be coming from the bathroom. So pull yourself together and go and have a look. You can always go back to bed afterwards.

I switch the light on in the bathroom and notice the Niagara Falls similar sound is coming from the toilet. Well I suppose Niagara Falls is a bit exaggerated, but early in the morning with no real sense of being conscious, it just seems like it. I lift the lid of the toilet carefully, not knowing what lays behind and yes, we have a sort of mini Niagara Falls. I push the flushing mechanism once again and everything is perfect. There is no rushing water. Breathing a sigh of relief, I am on my way back to my bed, still warm from the night rest and I hear it again
; fresh water running down the pan of the toilet. Oh what fun on a free day. I now have a funny feeling inside, imagining a flooded bathroom and an enormous bill for water as it will be three days until the world starts functioning normally.

I check again in the bathroom, water still flowing, not so strong so back to bed and hope for the best. At least I might be able to call a plumber when the day starts. Lying in bed trying to have a rest I feel frustrated and annoyed, almost angry. These things always have to happen on a free day. Either it is Christmas, Easter, Whitsun or today is Mayday, the day when all socialists go marching celebrating the freedom of the working man. I am now secretly hoping that plumbers are not involved in this freedom day. I try to get back to sleep, offering a prayer to the god of plumbers that he might send one to me in the morning.

06.00 a.m.
How do you sleep when you know that the toilet might play a trick on you. I turn over in bed and what do I hear (besides running water) Fluffy the cat is bored. He decides that it is time his human arises. Not that he will have a conversation with me, or that I should play with him. He just wants some company. Now if I go and see what Fluffy is doing, the other two cats will decide it will be time for a walk outside and I will have to spend time looking after three cats. So to summarise the situation, I have the Niagara Falls in one ear and a cat in the other. I do really try to forget my frustration and anger and the sorry predicament that I am in, so I close my eyes and try breathing exercises, but it does not work. Now the bird population are wide awake and start their morning chorus. Usually I like to hear it, but not accompanied by running water, especially if it is not raining.

07.00 a.m.
Shall I try the plumber or is he still sleeping. Probably he has gone away for the day and might make a long week-end of it. I know I will have another look at the toilet to see if there is an improvement. This is a mistake. The water is merrily running in streams down the side of the bowl and does not want to stop. I try to dismantle the flushing bit, but it seems these new toilets were made with a fully qualified plumber in mind and not an ordinary housewife surrounded by all modern conveniences (when they work). I get up and decide to have some breakfast. These things are always better settled after a meal.

07.30 a.m.
With a trembling hand I take the telephone and dial the number of the local water works. This has to be done with a psychological touch. It is no good screaming out that the toilet is kaput and we will soon be flooded if no-one bothers to come. Even if it is a holiday, exceptions should be made. I think this would be the wrong approach.
I hear a voice on the other end of the telephone.
“Good morning”
It is always good to start with a polite few words, so I answer.
“Good morning. I have a problem and was hoping that you could perhaps help.”
“What is the problem madam.”
“After operating the flush on the toilet, the water is still running. Do you think it would perhaps be possible to send someone to have a look?”
This is the bit where I started perspiring and sort of standing with fingers crossed. I also have to bite on my tongue and lips when talking to make sure I do not lose my composure.
“No problem madam, name and address please.”
Now I breathe a sigh of relief and bless all plumbers wherever they might be on this morning of Mayday.
I give the information he needs and slowly a relieving feeling comes to me when I hear the magical words
“Our plumber is just a few streets away from you at the moment on another job, he will be along in about thirty minutes. I will contact him and tell him to visit. I will also give you his mobile no. If he does not arrive by 09.00 a.m. you may call him to find out when he will be coming.”

Shall I go back to bed? No I do not think so. I can no longer sleep. I think I have just spent the longest hours of the day wondering how things will work out. The moral of the story – sometimes it is better to stay cool and just let things happen. Perhaps it is better that I do not explode with anger and frustration. Oh dear, I do feel tired.

United Friends Challenge #140: May Day and the Plumber

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