Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another Week Gone Bye

Garden April 2009

As you can see I was busy a bit in the garden this week. We had some nice weather and things started to sprout and grow. Unfortunately this also included the weeds, so I was pottering around on my hands and knees pulling them out. Why do I have to be so tall and the ground so far away? In this photo you can see my Japanese Maple Tree which I bought about four years ago in a sale (most of my garden is bought in a sale). I have moved it around at least three times, but now I think it has found its firm place. Next to it is a special offer from the supermarket. Cannot remember what they are called but they were 50% cheaper than the normal price. On the extreme left some seedlings which I hope will develop into fully grown French Marigolds all being well. The problem with the French Marigolds is that when the slug population notice that they have arrived they organised their knives and forks and come in groups for a feast. Luckily there is something known as snail pellets (don't know the proper english name and neither did Wikipedia). They are small blue corns which you can throw amongst the plants. Unfortunately they are the last meal that a slug has in his life. I am animal friendly but after sowing seeds and watching them germinate, I do not like the idea of them being a banquet for the slugs. I told my cats not to touch the blue pellets and they nodded in accordance.

Otherwise the rains came some time on Monday and it is still a bit gloomy . It has also got colder. On Monday morning I had a nice little job. My neighbour has a six month old baby boy, but she had a problem on Monday morning as she had to go to work early and her husband was on a business trip. She asked me if I would take her little boy to the day nursery in the morning. When she left she brought over the baby phone. This is really quite good. Her baby was sort of sleeping but I could hear everything that was going on in his room. Suddenly he made a few baby "I am now awake and ready to start crying" noises which I heard so I went over to the apartment next door to see how it was going. It was nearly time for us to go. Changed his nappy and got him ready and deposited him in the pram and we were off. I think the last time I pushed a baby in a pram was at least 32 years ago when my youngest was a toddler. I quite enjoyed our little walk to the nursery and he did as well. I don't think I would like to go through the process of bringing up babies again, but now and again it is quite fun.

Thanks to face book I noticed that my youngest son has been travelling again. I think it is one of the only reasons I look in regularly to see what he is getting up to. He is stationed in Brussels, but in the last month was twice in Prague and this week in Talinn. I had to look on the map for that one, but it seems to be the capital city of Estonia. I am not very happy about him being in so many airports at the moment, but as long as he does not have to wander off to Mexico I am glad, although pig flu seems to be getting nearer every day. We had a couple of cases in Switzerland in Aarau which is about 30 minutes on the motorway from where I live. It seems to be a 19 year old student that had just come back from Mexico.

I used to like travelling to other countries on holiday but have somehow lost the appetite for such journeys. I know a lot of people that look forward to their annual holidays in other countries, the further the better, but I am happy to be at home. In Mexico you get pig flu, in China the chicken flu and what lies in between also has its dangers. Switzerland is not so perfect, but at least you know what you have.

I had a pack of flaky pastry left in the fridge. They always come in two's and I used one pack for a cheese tart last week, so I decided to make a lemon tart with it. My grandmother used to make wonderful lemon tarts and the recipe died with her, so I am always experimenting. This evening it seemed to be a success when we ate it. So put the pastry in the tin and prod the bottom. I then grated the rind of the lemon over the pastry (my idea). Then I mixed 2,5 dl of cream with milk until I had 4 dl (dl = deciliter). Put two eggs in it and the squeezed juice of one lemon; added sugar to taste and a spoon of cornflour. Then mixed it all with the electric mixer and poured it into the pastry in the tin. It was then baked for about 30-40 minutes and now there is only half left. Mr. Swiss found I could make one of those again. While it was baking I cleaned a few windows (retirement hobby). So leaving you with my lemon tart, I will now depart.

Lemon tart

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