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MULTIPLY Visual Aid #7: The Bathing Hut Murders


Sandy Bay Daily News 10th May 2007
Two Bodies discovered in Bathing Hut

As reported in last weeks issue, all the bathing huts on our beach are being repainted. The weather and the salty air had made their impact over the years on the wooden constructions. Much to the surprise of the workmen the skeletal remains of two bodies were found in one of the huts. According to police investigations the bodies had been there probably only a short time after the huts were built. The bathing huts belong to members of the town population and are in popular usage, being handed down in the owner families from father to son. It seems that the hut in question had remained unused for the past years. No questions had been asked and it was assumed that the owners just wanted to keep it in the family. Amongst playing children and families enjoying their holidays on the beach, the fifth hut from the left hid its own secret.

Investigations are now being carried out by the police department to discover the origins of the bodies. We will keep you informed.

Extract from Police Report No. 161: Discovery of two bodies - Detective Brad Lucarelli
After examination of the bodies found in the bathing hut on Sandy Bay Beach, a conclusion has been reached that they were the result of a murder, the skulls of both bodies showing massive injuries caused by a heavy object, most likely an axe. The bodies were male and female. Remains of clothing were found and duly searched for further clues. It was found that the male corpse belonged to the original owner of the bathing hut, Jack Green. The female body is that of his younger sister, Joan Green. Jack Green’s only other relative is his wife Mary who seems to have disappeared. Measures are being taken to find her whereabouts.

Sandy Bay Daily News, 15th May, 2007
Further details in Sandy Bay Bathing Hut Murders
It seems our quiet little seaside town now has a murder on its hands. After examination of the two bodies the police informed of the identities. Jack Green and his sister Joan seem to be the victims of a cold blooded murder. They were members of a well known family in the area twenty years ago. Mary Green informed neighbours and acquaintances that her husband Jack had decided to move away from the area, being offered a new job in another town and that his sister did not want to remain alone in Sandy Bay and she would accompany him. The Green family were known to be wealthy, the parents being business people. After their death their fortune was inherited by Jack and his sister.

A search is now being carried out for Jack Green’s wife, Mary.

Extract from Police Report No. 162: Murder Case Green – Detective Brad Lucarelli
Whereabouts of Mary Green now discovered. After leaving the Sandy Bay area she moved to the town of Great Metropolis. Her name was altered to Mary Baldock after marriage to Jason Baldock, grounder of the Baldock Cotton Mill Company.

Great Metropolis Gazette, 20th January, 2008
Jason Baldock found dead

One of the most prominent business men of our town, Jason Baldock, was found in his office dead on Sunday morning victim of a crime. According to his wife Mary, he had to pick up important documents. It seems he did not return home in the afternoon and his wife Mary found him in the office. The police inform he had been attacked from behind and hit on the head with a heavy object, most likely an axe. Further investigations are being made. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the widow.

Great Metropolis Gazette, 30th June, 2008
Mary Baldock tried for murder
After only one week Mary Baldock was found guilty of murder on her husband, the well-known cotton mill owner Jason Baldock. The jury needed only a few hours to reach their verdict. It seems Mary Baldock had been stealing from the company for some time and her husband discovered this. Mary Baldock killed her husband in cold blood, pretending that he was the victim of an unknown murderer.
She was sentenced to death on the electric chair.

Extract from Police Report No. 163: Murder Case Jack Green – Detective Brad Lucarelli
The whereabouts of Mary Baldock found. Her remains are resting in the Great Metropolis Prison Cemetery. The case is now closed.

Visual Aid #7: The Bathing Hut Murders