Tuesday, 28 April 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #50: Soft

Soft luscious green grass waving in the breeze
conjuring dreams of summer days
silky threads of spiders webs
reflecting in the haze

A warm summer rain giving the earth to drink
seeds exploding with life
Butterflies flying through the air….

Tabby, Fluffy & Nera

“Just a minute Mrs. Human, wait, this is not good” and up comes my fluffy long haired black cat Nera.
“Nera I am writing a poem depicting the softness of life, so please do not disturb.”
“Yes Mrs. Human, well I was sort of watching you thinking and scratching your head like you do when you have creative problems so thought I would try to help” and she grinned showing her collection of sharp menacing teeth, but she meant it in a friendly way I suppose.
“So what’s wrong Nera, I found this a good description of the softness of a Summer day.
“Well all this stuff about the green grass is not very realistic.”
“Why not”
“Green grass is in the way and you can’t see the mice running around. It is just an obstacle for mouse hunting. I would say it is not very feline friendly. As far as the spiders webs are concerned, they are a real nuisance. They stick to my paws and I have to lick them clean.”
“Where are spider’s webs Nera, I hate them” Nera’s sister Tabby arrived.
“You see Mrs. Human” Nera continued “even Tabby says the same and I know for a fact that she prefers the fields when the grass is cut short.”
“Of course I do Nera, much more convenient for a successful mouse hunt.”
“So what do you suggest cats?”
“Mrs. Human, just strike the first verse, it is not very logical and politically incorrect when you have cats. Am I right Tabby and Fluffy.”
“What you say is always right Nera.”
“You see Mrs. Human even Fluffy agrees with my ideas.”
“Where did you get this thing about being politically incorrect?”
“Mrs. Human the newspapers and television are full of it on their news programmes. It is just discrimination to let the grass grow and then we come to the “warm summer rain”; Mrs. Human how would you like to walk through wet grass, most uncomfortable.”
“Not really Nera, it can be very pleasant.”
“Typical human” said Tabby. “Mrs. Human imagine you have paws with fur in between your toes. That is really irritating. After a walk through soggy grass we cats spend valuable time cleaning our paws until they completely dry.”
“And think of me Mrs. Human with my long white curly fur. I have to spend hours preening my fur until it is perfect.”
“Of course you do Fluffy. Now if you had long silky black fur like mine, the wet grass just ruins my appearance. I have a reputation to maintain as the most beautiful cat in the neighbourhood; after all Fluffy, your dreadlocks don’t really look a lot different whether wet or dry. Now my luxury fur really looses its gleaming attraction when wet.”
“Nera, I do not have dreadlocks. I am a Selkirk Rex and our curls have been developed over the years.”
“Ok, Fluffy. Now your breed is just an accident of nature, whereas mine is a development of royal inheritance.”
“Am I glad that I am a normal average tabby cat. We don’t have these problems.”
“Cats I think we will end this conversation. I am still writing my poem and have no idea how to continue. Now what rhymes with “life”?”

“Just a minute Mrs. Human, if you start talking about the seeds and the butterflies, this will lead to nowhere. Seeds get tangled up in my fur and are a big problem.”
“That’s true Mrs. Human, I remember when Nera had grass growing in her fur once.”
“Thank you Tabby, but you don’t have to tell everyone. Yes that was most embarrassing, but that is what happens when the seeds start exploding with life from the warm summer rain.”
“OK Nera, then we forget that part of the poem.”
“Mrs. Human, Tabby and Nera have not yet mentioned the butterflies.”
“What’s wrong with that cats, they are such a beautiful insect.”
Well it is a matter of how you look at it. Now for me they are a tasty delicacy and I am sure Tabby and Nera agree.”
“Of course we do.”
Mrs. Human” spoke up all three cats “strike the butterfly bit.”
“But now I have no poem left.”
“So cats, let’s help her out of her dilemma. Now how is this Mrs. Human?”


Who has the softest fur in town?
Who is the most beautiful cat?
So Nera you are showing off
You are not fluffy but fat.
But my fur is so natural
Just white and silky like pearls
They are not dreadlocks, it is a natural state
My wonderful shiny curls
So Fluffy, Nera this is enough
I know I am not shabby
I don’t have such wonderful silky fur
but am satisfied to be a Tabby.

Creative Challenge #50: Soft

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