Friday, 1 May 2009

Swine Flu


I know we should take it seriously, although I did hear that in Mexico it was not as bad as first thought. Conditions in Mexico are a bit different perhaps to other countries. We all have pigs somewhere or the other in our countries and as usual it is the old people and children that are most vulnerable.

Anyhow sitting in our "safe" little countries in Europe we are naturally all worried that we might be affected from a pandemy (or whatever it is called today - when I was a kid we only had epidemics but that was in the old days). So we were all waiting for the first plane to arrive from Mexico at the Swiss airport yesterday since the break out of the flu. I do not think they found anyone suffering and everyone went home, but were told if they did get a cold to stay at home for a week just to make sure.

Anyhow we did have a case of swine flu in a town about 30 minutes down the railway line to where I live. It was a 19 year old student that had come back from Mexico and really did have the swine flu. He was naturally put into hospital, but as in the most cases where treatment is available, the young man started recovering quite well so they decided to send him home. Unfortunately the Swiss made a small mistake. Although he was recovering, he was still able to contaminate others. Of course this is known, but somehow this fact seemed to have escaped the knowledge of the Swiss doctors at the hospital. A day later they realised their mistake so put him back into hospital. Unfortunately in the meanwhile he had contact with 28 other people, so they are also now under observance for pig flu symptoms. What a world we live in. I feel fine at the moment and luckily so do my cats. No symptoms, no sneezing, just a bit of back ache from working in the garden.

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