Wednesday, 27 May 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge Week 23: Horse Talk

“I wonder where we are trotting to today, Blackie. Looks like quite a lot of people want to take a ride; all sizes and shapes.”

“Yea, that’s what I was thinking Knight. Hey look, there’s one of those human kids in the crowd. You know how they have a soft heart for horses. If we play good, we might get an apple out of it.”

“Don’t think so Blackie, those days are over. Those human mothers just don’t trust us horses any more. Frightened we might bite them or tread on their feet with our hooves; by the way I had to have a new one yesterday.”

“Thought there was something different with you today. Looks great, hope it was the boss that put it on. That new one they have is still learning and he is not so good at pulling the old nails out and putting the new ones in. I had to give him a warning kick the last time.”

“I know what you mean. I heard they don’t have such a choice with blacksmiths these days. No-one seems to want to do the job any more.”

“Looks like the people are now fitted into the carriage. Just cannot imagine what fun humans have being pulled along in a carriage by two horses; looks like the lady is taking the reins today. Will probably be a slow walk.”

“Well it doesn’t have to be does it?”

“What does that mean?”

“Well as soon as we get to the country part, you know on the neat path through the fields, we could put on a bit of speed, just for a bit of excitement; heads down, snort like mad and away in a fast gallop. Now they would not forget that ride in a hurry.”

“Neither will you Knight. Remember the last horse that had fancy ideas. The grey one that thought he was something special. He went for a fast gallop and I never saw him again, and he did not join the race horses. I don’t think they keep horses that think, only horses that trot along like us.”

“OK, then we won’t have a gallop, but it would be fun. Hey look what’s going on; one of those humans with a camera. Good job I had a good brushing this morning. I wouldn’t like to have a mangy look on a photo. You never know who sees it afterwards. Blacky smile, you are in the photo as well.”

“You mean show my teeth and perhaps a nice smooth neigh for good luck. Look at the character taking the photo. I bet he is one of those professionals. We might even land in the Time Magazine as one of the best photos of the year. Hey look at his hat.”

“Looks very tasty; I think I will make a grab for it when he walks past.”

“I don’t think humans like that Blacky.”

“Who cares? Did you see I got it.”

“Yes but that photographer does not look very happy. Our chances are gone for a front page photo.”

“Looks like he is quite annoyed; give it back to him.”

Looks very unhappy doesn’t he and I even let him have the hat again.”

“Perhaps humans don’t like hats that have been chewed by horses. So fun over, here we go.”

“When I think that we used to run free on the prairies and the plains and now we are just human toys.”

“Well I wouldn’t look at it like that. This evening we sleep in a nice warm stable, have plenty of food and get a good brushing down every day, not to mention new shoes once in a while.”

“Our ancestors didn’t need new shoes.”

“They didn’t go marching over pavements either. So head down, snort nice and civilised and make the humans happy. Hey, that photographer still looks a bit angry about his hat.”

“Who cares, he can buy another one.”

Rita's "Riting" Challenge Week 23

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