Thursday, 28 May 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #148: Care for the Air

Coolpap99's Challenge

Write a poem about..............YOUR AIR!


Sitting above the clouds
motor humming loudly,
feeling the distance between my body,
sensing the many layers of air between my body
and the world below.
Just a floor in a plane,
a minimum of thickness to separate my being
between floating through the transparency of the air
and the steadfast firm gravity pull of the air
when being grounded again.
Leaving the airport breathing my air,
but sharing with all
and not noticing that the air is not only mine,
not even sparing a thought that others need and breathe my air.
I am completely immersed in this air, and believing
 it is always there, my air
handling the air as if there was a new supply waiting in a second sky.
Factories colouring the air with shades of grey,
with smells of unknown origin.
Air yes, but not the air I breathe,
not the air that my lungs will accept
not that enriched with gasses necessary for my survival.
Bodies and lungs, needing the air,
the air that is treated as if it was to be ignored
because it is always there.
Try to live in a vacuum, where there is no air.
Neither man nor any living organism will succeed.
Look after my air, your air, the air we all need
because one day, who knows?
We will lose the air,
not to be found in a dark corner of this world,
or in another place reserved for the future
but gone for ever because who cared?


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