Monday, 27 April 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #19: The Bench


“Well here I am an no-one around; stupid idea really, carrying a red rose. It really cost a fortune. I am sure a daisy would have done just as well, or a copy of the daily newspaper. This bench is so uncomfortable, the wooden slats digging into my back. I am slowly thinking this was a bad idea. Sun is beating down between the spaces in the roof. This is definitely not my sort of thing. Time to go I think, but no, here he comes. At least I think this must be him, complete with red rose. He is coming nearer, but something is wrong. He is not making an attempt to sit down; he is walking faster and not even looking at me. No, please no, this is wrong.”
And then he pulled out the gun and fired one shot through her head. She was dead immediately. Her handbag was lying next to her innate body on the bench. He took it and emptied the contents onto the seat, he had little time.
“It must be here somewhere. She was going to hand the blueprints over to her contact. Good thing we got the contact before he had a chance to meet her. I just hate this job sometimes. I did not even know the dame, just another beginner wanting to make a fortune selling secrets to other countries. She was a pretty lady, why do they have to fall for this spy game. She could have met someone, got married and had a few kids, but no, she decided that doing this was a more lucrative side of life.
What do we have here; a double bottom in the handbag, these women get cleverer every year.”
He ripped the lining of the bag open and the blueprints fell out.
“Bingo, my boss will be pleased this time. He did tell me only to shoot if I had to, but sometimes its better this way. I will have to call the cleaners to do the rest of the work”
and he put the plans into the inside pocket of his jacket and made his way to the car. On the way he made a call to get the details organised. They would soon arrive with the fake ambulance and dispose of the nasty details.
The ambulance people did their job and all that remained on the seat were two red roses, although they had started wilting in the hot sun.

Rita's "Riting" Challenge #19: The Bench

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