Monday, 27 April 2009

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse - Week 28 - The Perfect Baby

Me, mum and dad small

Little feet, little hands
A little mouth as well
But if I wanted something
Then I knew how to yell

Mum and dad were always there
to care for all my need
I was the first the only one
Like a book they could me read

Feeling lonely in the night
All I had to do was cry
And then mum came a running
Oh I was very sly

I was not always a good girl
I was fussy with my food
I just left what I disliked
Yes I was very shrewd

But mum told me what was good
Although I did a pout
I decided to eat it all
And then I spit it out

My dad was pleased with his daughter
perhaps he wanted a boy
But when he saw I liked football
I was his pride and joy

So you see I was an ideal baby
The best you could have had
But one thing was so certain
I had a perfect mum and dad

Poetry Posse - Week 28 - The Perfect Baby

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