Sunday, 26 April 2009

MULTIPLY Pictures to Words #17 Free Expression


The annual trip of the scouts was due
Their leader was quite keen
To show them the tricks of life in the open
In nature what was to be seen

They met with rucksack and plenty to drink
And also had plenty of meat
The leader said to wear sturdy shoes
For protection of the feet

They marched for a day, the sun was high
But the walking they did not fear
Now Fred the oldest of them all
Brought plenty to drink, it was beer

Their trusty chief knew nothing of this
He thought they were drinking some coke
It seemed to him quite strange on the way
When the boys also had a smoke

Now that was Jim, he had plenty of grass
Not the green stuff that grows in the fields
It had feathery leaves and smelt quite strange
A light head it also yields

Then evening came and it was time to eat
First of all they lit a fire
There were problems deciding who would cook
The boys began to transpire

Little Johnny felt very weak
He collapsed and wanted to die
The leader was feeling very worried
He did not know that Johnny was high

The others said just let him sleep
Tomorrow he will be fine
It was then that Fred began to be sick
He had just drunk too much wine

The scouts were sent to find some wood
To build a bar-b-que
Three got lost and fell in a bog
That was a motley crew

The leader found the three quite late
And brought them back to the pack
Unfortunately he also fell into the bog
And his clothes became quite black

When all were ready the fire was lit
Around the fire they did lurk
It was then that Jack had a brilliant idea
and lit a firework

The explosion was loud and very bright
The leader had a shock
He fell down and hurt himself
He hit his head on a rock

The boys were worried and wanted to help
So they gave the boss some drink
The leader recovered and felt much better
The beer did the trick in a wink

Twas then that Jim offered the boss a joint
He thought it was a normal smoke
But the taste appealed to the leader quite well
So he started to tell the boys a joke

The fire was burning well and bright
The scouts they started singing
The problem was it was just to loud
And the police they came a winging

Oh dear, I am afraid things did not go well
They spent the night in jail
The parents came to fetch their boys
Who were really looking quite pale

The leader was condemned to a fine
They found he was not the right sort
To take a group of scouts on a trip
And he had to go to court

It was the last time that this trip was made
The scouts were very sad
They found the day was a big success
And the drink was not so bad

Pictures to Words #17: Free Expression

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