Sunday, 26 April 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #42 (MM #56)

Amthausplatz, SolothurnSometimes I just have no idea what to bring for a subject. So I just sort of pointed my finger and said that one. This photo shows one of our local buses in town, at the bus stop for the main square. I was waiting for my husband on the other side of the street so snapped around. As you can see the buses are full of advertisements for all sorts of things. I then put this photo into Piknik, did a sepia version and twiddled around with the contrasts. I kept the name "Ladendorf" in red. I then gave it a Piknik frame and a name and here is the result.

Amthausplatz, Solothurn

Larger Size

Now for a plus. I worked with photoshop and put the photo of the bus in again. I had made the background monochrome and kept the colours of the bus. I then did a second layer of a photo of aluminium foil. The foil is always laying around as we use it to keep the cats away from places where they should not tread. They do not like walking over the foil. Anyhow I removed the sky from the original layer and the aluminium foil came shining through. Somehow it was not surrealistic enough for my tastes, so I took another photo of a flower. I cut the flower out with the magic wand and imposed it onto the photo. Not very imaginative, but we now have a bus with an aluminium sky and a flower. I did a mirror frame around it in Piknik.


Larger Size

Mono Monday Plus #42 (MM #56)

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