Saturday, 22 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 27

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Tabby: Well to be quite honest Slimy, it’s nice to be back in the fresh air, even if it is cold at the moment. Thank goodness for a nice fur coat.
Slimy: You’re right Tabby, that’s why ain’t much point cleaning it too much at the moment. I can smell somfing in the air.
Tabby: So can I, I think that white stuff is falling out of the sky again.
Slimy: Yea, looks like it’s that stuff the ‘umans call snow. Better get back to Long Tail Al.
Long Tail Al: So Tabby ‘ow was yer trip down in the sewers.
Tabby: Let’s just say it was something completely different. Slimy was a good guide, he made sure I didn’t fall in. He seems to know his way around quite well.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well I suppose ‘e would. Before I found ‘im he had been living down there on his tod for a few weeks, wasn’t yer Slimy.
Slimy: Yea and if it wasn’t fer Long Tail Al, I would probably still be down there amongst all them rats and ovver creeping fings.
Tabby: By the way dad, that white stuff is falling down outside.
Alimy: ‘E means it’s snowing.
Long Tail Al: don’t surprise me, I thought there was a nip in the air. Suppose that Christmas fing is around the corner as well.
Tabby: We know that in the country too. That’s when we have plenty of turkey leftovers to eat.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well the ‘umans don’t leave a lot for us in the town, but we know where to go and get it don’t we Slimy.
Slimy: Oh yea, no problem. Tabby does now as well, we went there on our visit to the sewers.
Long Tail Al: Yer know what, what about inviting Big Tom and ‘is mob for a town Christmas. Liven fings up a bit.
Tabby: What a good idea, I do miss my friends in the country some times.
Long Tail Al: OK Tabby, I fink it would be a good idea if you go back to the country and tell ‘em all to come tomorrow evening. We could ‘ave a bit of a get together, warm up old times.

Big Tom: Hello Tabby, I wasn’t expecting you back yet. Town life not your sort of thing.
Tabby: Well not exactly gatto di tutti gatti. That white stuff is falling down again, I mean snow, and Long Tail Al fought it might be a good idea to ‘ave a Chrismas get together in town. Sort of a little party.
Big Tom: Tabby, I do appreciate that your trips to town are slowly improving your knowledge of miaow, but we speak country miaow here and not town miaow. Please don’t drop your “h” when speaking to me and I am sure the other cats in the country may have problems in understanding.
Tabby: But Bobinette never says the “h”.
Big Tom: Bobinette is a French cat and they are not able to say the “h”. But back to the idea of a meeting with the town cats. I think it is the human’s Christmas tomorrow and I heard that there is always plenty to eat in town on those days, so I think it would be a good idea. Spread the word around and tell Gladys and One Eye Fred I would like to see them, with the kittens and Mr. Grey as well, of course.
Gladys: Gatto di tutti Gatti, you wanted to see us all.
Little Al: Hello Tom, how’s things going. Awww
Mr. Grey: You will speak to Big Tom with respect. He is the capo here and deserves to be respected.
Big Tom: Yes, Little Al, your manners should improve. If you carry on behaving like that, I will send you to town.
Little Al: That’s where I want to go, to stay with my dad.
Big Tom: Oh yes, you will see your dad, but when he sees what a cheeky cat you have become, he will probably send you to the black paw gang, to do a few months service until you learn some manners.
Gladys: Did you hear Little Al, now behave.
Kittens 1 to 5 together: He’s always pushing us around, send him to the Black Paw Gang.
Big Tom: You see Little Al, even your brothers and sisters would be pleased to see the back of you.
Little Al: They are not my brothers and sisters. Their dad is One Eye Fred, I am the crown prince of the town cats.
Tabby: I have a few words to say there. I am older and Long Tail Al is also my father. So keep your whiskers under control.
Little Al: Everyone is always getting at me.
Mr. Grey: As your guardian, it doesn’t surprise me. Why yesterday when I told you to clean up after going to the toilet, you just threw half of the earth over me.
Little Al: Yes, but you rubbed my nose in it afterwards.
Big Tom: So what did you learn from that Little Al. Answer please.
Gladys: Yes Little Al, we are waiting.
Little Al: Yes, well, that I don’t throw the earth at Grey any more.
Big Tom: At WHO?
Little Al: At MR. Grey
Big Tom: So I just called you here to tell you that tomorrow the humans are celebrating their Christmas . something like the birthday of Bast, but we have that in Summer when the sun is high in the heavens. Long Tail Al has invited us all, so it would be an opportunity for Gladys and her family to come as well, especially Little Al, depending on weather Little Al behaves.
Gladys: Well, I wouldn’t mind going into town again and I am sure One Eye Fred would like to.
One Eye Fred: Oh yea, do miss it a bit now and again.
Big Tom: Ok, that’s settled. We all go. Grey my son, one of us has to stay to keep an eye on things, Would you mind staying here. You always did want to be in charge, didn’t you.
Mr. Grey: Ok, dad, what you say. But bring me some of that good food back from town afterwards.

Long Tail Al: Welcome my friends. Big Tom, it has been a long time since I could welcome you to my humble abode in town.
Big Tom: Well since we have buried our differences, I see no reason not to come. I don’t find your home so humble. I mean a complete church crypt is very big and quite warm.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well those ‘umans look after their churches don’t they and put in ‘eating pipes to keep it warm. They ‘ave a big machine in the cellar with the ‘ot water, so we have it nice and cozy down ‘ere.
Little Al: ‘Allo dad.
Long Tail Al: Well, I never, and you ‘ave brought me son wiv ya. I suppose ‘e does look a bit like me.
One Eye Fred: Al, he looks completely like you. He ain’t one of mine in any case.
Gladys: Now don’t start arguing about that. We settled that problem some time ago.
Kittens 1-5: Is that big red cat Little Al’s dad mum?
Gladys: Yes he is.
Kittens 1-5: Can we leave Little Al here mum.
Long Tail Al: Now what do I hear, Little Al. Your bruvvers and sisters don’t seem to like you much.
Little Al: They are not my brothers and sisters are they.
Long Tail Al: Looks like you ‘ave a few fings to learn Little Al. You ‘ave all got the same mum and she is the one that looks after you when you are a kitten. So it don’t matter who your dad is, you all ‘ave the same mum. If you don’t learn to respect that Little Al, then I ain’t got no room for you down here. Looks like you have a few things to learn.
Big Tom: Yes, we have been telling him that.
Long Tail Al: Suppose he’s a bit like I was when I was young.
Charlie: Is Miss Nera there as well?
Big Tom: Yes she is. Nera, you seem to have an admirer.
Nera: Hello Charlie.
Charlie: Hello Nera, so what about us two.
Nera: Is that a proposal or an order.
Long Tail Al: Charlie what did I tell ya. She ain’t a rooftop cat.
Slimy: So is the talk all finished now. I’m ‘ungry.
Long Tail Al: Yea, I fink we all are. ‘Ave you organised fings Slimy,.
Slimy: No problem boss. Reggie & Ronnie Crat ‘ave organised everyfing. Reg you can bring the stuff in now.
Romeo: Who are those cats. They are very well organised. Reminds me of my days in Sicily. We had to be organised then.
Long Tail Al: You must be Romeo, the consigliere. Yea well I suppose you are used to organised cats. I ‘eard you was a great ‘elp wiv sorting out the catafia down in Sicily a few years back.
Romeo: Si, nulla problema. You just had to talk to them and explain things.
Bobinette: Oui, my Romeo is so clever.
Reggie: Well where shall we put this stuff, there’s enuf ‘ere for everyone.
Long Tail Al: Reggie, Ronnie you did a good job this time.
Big Tom: Respect Al, I have never seen so much chicken and turkey all at once. We have to raid the farms, and be careful, especially if the famers are around.
Slimy: Yea, well we do a bit of raiding as well.
Tabby: Yes capo, I went with him. It’s quite interesting if you go up the right steps in the sewers.
Big Tom: Sewers? Now that doesn’t sound so appetising.
Tabby: We keep clean, it’s just a good way of getting into the basements of the town shops.
Long Tail Al: Well enuf of the talking, lets get eating.
Little Al: I wanna leg of turkey. Aww, dad why did you swipe me with your claw.
Long Tail Al: Because I don’t like greedy cats, and because my dad did that to me as well when I wanted more than I deserved. And I didn’t turn out bad did I.
Gladys: Did you hear Little Al. Now sit down and eat, otherwise there will be nothing left for you. And give your brothers and sisters some food first of all.
Little Al: They can get their own.
Long Tail Al: Wot did you say Little Al.
Little Al: I said “of course mum”.
Bobinette: What’s the noise up in the church. It sounds just like us cats when we sing.
Long Tail Al: It’s the ‘umans. They ‘ave their Christmans, somefing like Bast’s birfday, then they all go singing in the churches. Wanna come and ‘ave a look.
Bobinette: Oh yes.
Long Tail Al: Ok cats, if you all wanna ‘ave a look, just climb up on that tomb over their. There’s a grating wiv ‘oles in it and you can all see wots going on. We’ll finish the grub afterwards. Ronnie and Reggie, call a couple of the black paw gang in to keep an eye on the food.
Ronnie and Reggie: No problem boss.
Bobinette: Shall we sing as well with them. It sounds so nice.
Nera: Of course, Bobinette, we will do a duet.

Silent mouse, little grey mouse.
How you creep around my house.
Don`t you know, you`re a plaything to me.
Don`t you know I`m your enemy.
Better get out while you can.
Better get out while you can.

Silent mouse, little grey mouse.
Still you creep,round my house.
I`m so tired of you squeaking.
This will be your last warning.
Better get out while you can.

Silent mouse, little grey mouse.
All is calm, round my house.
From your hole you silently crept.
From the shadows I silently leapt.
I can sleep in peace.
I can sleep in peace.

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