Sunday, 16 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 24

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Madame Butterfly: And who are you to question my supreme authority.
Bast: It seems that you have forgot your origins. You should make your Oriental race proud to have you, but my colleagues in the world where I come from have said they are ashamed to call you a member of their race.
Mr. Wang: We will see who has the power here. I will get the Black Paw Gang. They will soon make an end to your false magic.
Bast: My false magic as you call it, has sent the Black Paw Gang into a deep sleep.
Madame Butterfly: Rubbish, Reggie, Ronnie, come here and bring your colleagues with you. Hello you cloth eared cats. Come at once. Mr. Wang go and see what they are doing.
Mr. Wang: It is true my Butterfly, they are all sleeping outside the museum.
Bast: Enough, Mr. Wang, Madame Butterfly, there is a ship leaving in the harbour for Hong Kong. You can be pleased that I am giving you this chance to leave and survive. Go back to where you came from.
Mr. Wang: Look into my eyes Bast.
Bast: That I don’t laugh. Do not insult my status Mr. Wang. We gods cannot be influenced by any tricks that the humans may have forced upon you. Now depart before I change my mind.
Tabby: I will accompany you to the harbour to make sure that you have gone for ever.
Nera: Fluffy, Charlie, and Slimy – we will also go with Tabby.
Bast: I bid you farewell my brave cats. It was a pleasure to help. It is now time for me to go back to the world I came from. First of all I have a duty to perform on the sleeping black paw gang. Reggie and Ronnie Crat, awake and come to me.
Reggie: Who are you. Blimy I ain’t seen one like you before.
Ronnie: We must ‘ave been at the catnip again. I’ve got a headache. Where’s the gang?
Bast: Your gang are waiting for you outside. You will order your cats to accompany Fluffy and ensure that these two Oriental cats go on board the ship in the harbour. There is only one there and it is going to Hong Kong.
Ronnie: You mean they are going ‘ome again.
Reggie: About time – there was somefing about those cats that I didn’t like.
Bast: And on the way out you can collect Pablo from the cellar. He should now be awakening
I must now go back to where I came from.
Fluffy: Is that a long journey, Mr. Bast?
Bast: In distance, no, but in time – a very long journey. May the feline power be with you all.

Slimy: Where’s ‘e gawn. Now that was a real gent, wasn’t it. Come on you Orientals, the faster you go, the better.
Mr. Wang: Look into my eyes Slimy
Slimy: Forget it – those days ‘ave gone. The only bit of you I want to look at now is your tail end when you wave it goodbye.
Nera: Well said Slimy.
Tabby: Well we are now going through the cellar and here is Pablo.
Pablo: What’s going on. Madame Butterfly, Mr. Wang, where are we going.
Madame Butterfly: Don’t ask stupid questions, just follow these smelly town cats.
Charlie: That will do. We might smell, but we know what we ‘ave and even our Slimy smells like a rose in comparison to you three.
Slimy: Thanks Charlie – this is my big day today.
Nera: Reggie, Ronnie tell your cats to surrounded the traitors. Then they will stay in line.
Reggie: Will do Mrs. Nera
Charlie: Nera, did I ever tell you that, well, you know what I mean. Now what about us two.
Nera: Charlie, this is neither the time, nor the place, but you may ask me again when things are back to normal, and I will think it over.
Tabby: Cats, I don’t believe it. I have been rescued, the biggest danger has now been swept out of the way and you two are talking about getting together in the future.
Fluffy: Let them get on with it. Nera is always good for a surprise. We have now reached the harbour and there is the ship.
Ronnie: So, up the gangway wiv ya, dally, dally.
Ship’s cat: Ahoy, what’s this coming onto the ship. Not those three Oriental cats. I remember those three – I think I had enough trouble with them on the journey here. I am now alone on this ship, but there were four of us when we came over from Hong Kong. The Orientals managed to throw my colleagues overboard. I hid in the hold and they didn’t find me.
Slimy: Well ya don’t ‘ave to be worried about them any more. They ain’t got no oriental powers any more. I would just keep em busy clearing out the mice leftovers that you ‘ave.
Ship’s cat: good idea. Put them in the hold. They can’t climb out of there without help and I am not giving them any. Disgrace to the cat nation they are. I hope they don’t get up to any tricks on the journey.
Bast: We will watch over you little ship’s cat and make sure that no evil will be done.
Ship’s cat: Who said that?
Fluffy: That was the voice of Bast, an Egyptian cat god. When he says he will keep an eye on things, he will.
Ship’s cat: Well it looks like they have lost their powers so I suppose everything is ok. And now you all have to go, we are pulling out. Oh for a life on the waves, just me, a ship and lots of mice to keep away from the provisions.
Charlie: Sounds like a good life for a cat, Nera.
Nera: If you go with them, you will no longer see me. I get sea sick just by looking at the water.
Charlie: Of course, I would rather stay here with you
Nera: Just have some patience Charlie, I have to think things over.
Slimy: I wanna go back to Long Tail Al and tell ‘im the good news.
Tabby: Yes I think my father will be proud of us.

Long Tail Al: Fluffy, ‘ow did fings go. And who do we ‘ave ‘ere. Me son Tabby. What ‘appened. Where’s the orientals gone.
Slimy: You won’t be seeing them again. By now they are in a ship on their way back to ‘ong Kong where they came from.
Long Tail Al: This must be celebrated. So tell me all about it.

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