Monday, 17 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 25

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Slimy: Well we were all down in the cellar of the museum and all of a sudden this statue starts talking.
Long Tail Al: Just a minute, are you ‘aving me on.
Slimy: No boss, see it wasn’t really a statue but a geezer called Bast, some sort of cat boss.
Nera: Slimy, I think you better let me explain this to Al, otherwise he might get the idea that there is another cat wanting to take over in the town.
Long Tail Al: Yea, I fink yer better Nera. Sounds like Slimy ain’t recovered from the hypnotising stuff from that Mr. Wang yet.
Nera: Well it’s true what he said. Bast was the chief god of us cats way back in time in Egypt. The Egytians worshipped him and we are all sort of descended from him one way or the other, some more and some less.
Charlie: Yea, and this Bast bloke saw that we needed ‘elp and sorted the Siamese out for us.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well I ain’t so slow as you might fink. I ‘ave ‘eard of this Egytian fing and somefing about a few gods roaming around and sorting us cats out. Where’s ‘e gone now, I would like to fank ‘im for ‘is ‘elp.
Charlie: Well ‘e said somefing about going back to where ‘e came from.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well as I see it, gods don’t usually ‘ang around for a long while. What about me black paw gang.
Nera: Well Bast brought them back to our side and they are waiting outside for any further orders you may have for them.
Long Tail Al: Slimy go and bring in Ronnie and Reggie Crat. Want to ‘ave a few words with ‘em.
Slimy: Will do boss.
Ronnie Crat: ‘allo boss, I ‘eard yer wanted to see me and Reggie.
Long Tail Al: Just wanted to check up on fings. Weren’t exactly showing yourself from the best side when those orientals hit town, were ya?
Reggie: Yea, sorry about that boss, but we don’t really know what hit us.
Long Tail Al: I can tell you one fing, if you go off again like that, you will definitely know what will ‘it you, is that clear.
Ronnie & Reggie Crat: Yes boss
Long Tail Al: Ok, now sort your men out. I want them posted on all the entrances to the town like they always used to. Can’t ‘ave any old cat just walking in and out now can we.
Fluffy: And I think we should be getting back to the country and report to Big Tom. I am sure he will want to know how things turned out.
Nera: Ok Fluffy, just follow my scent and we will soon be home.
Charlie: Well, Miss Nera, I wouldn’t mind following yer scent either.
Nera: Charlie, I told you give me time. I will have to think about it.
Long Tail Al: Yes and when yer get back, tell Gladys I would like to see me son, Little Al. She should come on a visit wiv ‘im.
Tabby: I think I will stay a while, I still havn’t seen much of the town – up to now just the museum.
Slimy: Well that’s true. I’ll give you a tour of the sewers tomorrow if you like.
Long Tail Al: Slimy, there are other places in town except for the sewers.
Tabby: No, that’s ok dad. I don’t mind going on a tour with such an expert as Slimy.
Nera: Bye all – come on Fluffy, just follow me.

Big Tom: Romeo go and have a look outside, I think that Nera and Fluffy are on their way back.
Romeo: Hello Nera, Fluffy, so how did things go.
Fluffy: Purrrrfect. We have managed to chase the Orientals away from the town, with the help of Bast.
Big Tom: With the help of who? Did you say Bast?
Nera: Yes, he did, but that’s what cat gods are for, to help when we are in trouble with other cats.
Big Tom: To be quite honest, my family never had a lot to do with the cat gods. We sort of made our own laws. Must tell Lucky Catiano about that. Where are the Orientals, have they gone?
Nera: Well they are now on their way on a fast boat to China and that’s where they will stay.
Gladys: Hello everyone, glad to hear that everything turned out ok. I knew Bast would help.
Nera: How comes – do you know Bast.
Gladys: Well knowing him is a bit too much said, but now and again he turned up at our Kitty Cat club meetings to give a few tips, so I sort of mentioned that we might need some help.
Fluffy: Gladys, Long tail Al said he would like to see Little Al, if you could pay a visit some time.
Gladys. Well I suppose he is his dad, but it’s a bit too soon. We should wait until Little Al is a few weeks older and can start fending for himself.
Little Al: Did I hear my name being mentioned. I wanna see my dad.
Gladys: Little Al, you just have to be patient. You are too young.
Nera: Well, he certainly isn’t shy, is he.
Little Al: Do you know my dad?
Nera: I have met him a few times.
Little Al: Someone said he is the big boss of the town cats. I wanna be a big boss one day as well.
Gladys: Yes, but first of all you have to grow up.
Little Al: Well I’m the biggest out of my brothers and sisters.
Gladys: I suppose you would be, you are always the first one at feeding time. Where’s One Eyed Fred.
One Eyed Fred: I’m coming. So there’s Little Al. ‘e ran off again.
Big Tom: So I think it’s time for your to settle your family business on your own. Nera stay here, I want to ask you something.
Nera: At your service capo.
Big Tom: It’s time for Mr. Grey to come back to us. He has served his time up on the farm with his mother and I have heard that he is now behaving. Would you go and fetch him.
Nera: Yes Capo, will tomorrow be ok.
Big Tom: That’s fine and when he is back bring him to me, I have a job for him.

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