Friday, 14 December 2007

Reservoir Cats 23

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Fluffy: So where is Tabby being kept? If I am supposed to lead the rescue action, I should have to know where to go.
Long Tail Al: Well as far as we know ‘e’s in the museum and the only way to get in without being noticed is through the sewers and up a ladder into the cellar.
Fluffy: Ok, but someone will have to come with me to show the way.
Long Tail Al: Slimy
Slimy: No boss, not me. I’ve been there once and that was enough. I don’t want that red-eyed geezer looking at me again.
Long Tail Al: Sorry Slimy, but you are the only one who knows where to go in the museum. Just keep yr ‘ead down and don’t look at ‘im.
Fluffy: Well, I think it might be a good idea if Slimy leads me. I just have to follow his scent and that won’t be difficult.
Slimy: Always ‘aving a go at me cause I smell a bit
Nera: I hate to say it, but it’s true Slimy, but you are a brave cat to lead us. I will come along as well
Slimy: Well, that’s a nice fing to say.
Long Tail Al: Yes, well ya see Slimy, Nera is a lady.
Charlie: I will be there to help, in case the lady gets into distress.
Nera: Mr. Charlie I just wonder who will be the cause of the distress if you come too.
Long Tail Al: Yes Charlie, be on your best behaviour, Nera ain’t one of those roof top cats, she’s a lady and ‘as to be treated like one.
Charlie: Now boss, don’t worry. I know ‘ow to treat a lady cat that ‘as a bit of class. Always was a bit partial to the black cats. Look so mysterious.
Nera: Charlie, just keep your paws to yourself and I am sure we will get on well. So let’s go. Slimy you in front.

Slimy: Now just follow me down this gulley and take a jump at the end they we will end up at the side of the sewer. OK Fluffy
Fluffy: I’m with you Slimy. Just stay in front and there won’t be any problems.
Charlie: Managing ok Miss Nera, shall I give a helping paw
Nera: Thank you Mr. Charlie, but I can cope quite well on my own.
Slimy: Now just follow the side of the sewer, but be careful it can be a bit slippery and we don’t want anyone falling in now do we?
Fluffy: No problem Slimy, I can still smell you in front
Slimy: Now we all ‘ave to go up these steps ‘ere. At the end there is a tunnel which goes into the museum cellar. Wiv me?
Nera: Yes, no problem.
Charlie: I’ll stay at the end in case anyone falls down the steps, then I can catch them
Nera: Don’t worry Charlie, I won’t be falling down to fall into your open paws.
Charlie: Now that’s a shame ain’t it.
Nera: Hisssssssssssss
Fluffy: Think we are now in the cellar, smells a bit less damp and more from old stuff.
Slimy: Yea, well that’s where they keep some of the stuff they exhibit in the museum now and again. I was always a bit partial to the statue of that cat there. Put’s me remind of one of me ancestors.
Nera: That is the Egyptian goddess Bast – she was quite popular in her day, but somehow I don’t think she was in your line Slimy.
Fluffy: Bast was in all our lines. She was the beginning of the cat dynasties as we know it today.

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Charlie: What was that for a noise
Fluffy: According to my extra sharp hearing that I now have since not seeing anything any more, it seems to come from the direction opposite.
Nera: Well, that’s where that Bast statue is. But just look at it.
Slimy: Oh gawd, it’s all glowing and looking in our direction.
Charlie: I don’t know about that, but I fink its moving as well
Bast: Who mentioned my name and who are you little cats
Slimy: It’s talking, oh dear, fink I’ll go back ‘ome
Nera: You will do no such thing, Slimy. Without you we would never find the way.
Bast: Are you trying to rescue the cat that is being held captive by the Orientals?
Charlie: Just a minute, I don’t get this. You’r supposed to be a statue. ‘Ow come you’re talking and blinking your eyes.
Bast: I can do anything I want and when the gods call me I am ready. I have been told to help you in your quest to rescue your Tabby brother. It seems that the Oriental cats are not obeying our laws of respect to one another. They have to be stopped. Which one of you is Fluffy?
Fluffy: That’s me o great Bast
Bast: Good, then you will proceed behind this Slimy cat here and have no fear I will be near to you all. It is better when the Orientals do not see me. Continue on your way and have confidence.

Madame Butterfly: Pablo, did you hear that strange noise down in the cellar.
Pablo: Well come to think of it, a sort of deep voice.
Madame Butterfly: And do us supreme Orientals have deep voices?
Pablo: No Butterfly
Madame Butterfly: Then move your paws and go and have a look. Do I really have to think for everyone around here.
Pablo: I am on my way Butterfly.

Slimy: I can ‘ear a cat coming.
Nera: Charlie go and have a look who it is, but carefully
Charlie: Well it ain’t no lady cat – smells like one of them orientals.
Nera: Let him see you and when he comes down the stairs to chase you, Slimy will lay on the top stair so that he will fall down
Slimy: Who me?
Nera: Yes you
Charlie: ‘allo you skinny Oriental ‘ere I am
Pablo: Now what sort of a town cat are you. Just wait I will get you. Ow, help I tripped over something smelly
Bast: Well done cats. Now go on your way I will deal with this Oriental cat. Oriental freeze
Slimy: Well did ya see that – that Oriental is just laying still just like when ‘e fell down the stairs. Ain’t a movement in ‘im.
Nera: We have just witnessed the powers of Bast the Egyptian cat god. And now we are unbeatable. Fluffy up the stairs into the museum.
Madame Butterfly: And what do we have here. A little fluffy cat who wants to save Tabby I think. Look Tabby what has been sent to rescue you.
Tabby: Fluffy, be careful they are very sly and crafty.
Madame Butterfly: Mr. Wang, I think we need your powers
Mr. Wang: Now what do we have here. Little Fluffy cats are my favourite victims. Just look into my eyes Fluffy cat.
Fluffy: Well I think I know where your eyes are so I’m looking in your direction. What next?
Mr. Wang: And now you will obey what we say to you. You will now attack the Slimy cat standing behind you.
Fluffy: I definitely will not attack any cats that are helping me to rescue Tabby. Slimy is my friend and will help me. Slimy don’t look at this freak of a cat called Wang. Look away.
Mr. Wang: I have never been called a freak in my life, just who are you to call me a freak. I said attack.
Fluffy: Attack yourself. I don’t like cats with red eyes.
Madame Butterfly: Just what is going on here. Pablo, Pablo
Charlie: And you can call for your Pablo until your whiskers drop off. He is having a sleep in the cellar.
Nera: Come Tabby, follow me, these Orientals have no power any more.
Mr. Wang: Who says that
Bast: I do

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