Monday, 19 November 2007

Reservoir Cats 14

It's been some time since I have looked at what our Reservoir cats are up to. The last I saw them they were getting ready for a summit conference. If you want to recapitulate - then you can have a look here.

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Nera: Tabby will you walk a bit faster, we are on our way to an important meeting with the town cats and don’t want to arrive late.
Tabby: I’m coming, but there is so much to look at on the way, and there is such a lovely scent wafting around.
Nera: Yes, I can smell it too, seems to be a patch of catnip somewhere, but this is not the time to have a sniff.
Bobinette: Oh come on Nera, Tabby is not far behind and she will soon catch up.

Tabby: Always on at me they are, but there is really a strong smell of catnip around – must be A1 quality. Well, the others have just disappeared around an oak tree, so I think I will sneak a look. This is Big Tom’s estate, so there can’t be any harm. Wow, they stuff does smell strong.
Mr. Grey: Well fancy meeting you here Tabby, found something interesting.
Tabby: Mr. Grey, Are you coming to the conference as well?
Mr. Grey: I am on my way, but it’s a bit early. Try some of this catnip that I found growing in my fathers garden.
Tabby: I have to go on, although I must say it smells quite good, almost makes me feel a bit drowsy and tired. Think I will have to make a pause.
Mr. Grey: Come with me Tabby, I have a nice comfortable patch of grass over here to have a lay down - Tabby, can you hear me? Now that is just what I wanted, she has fallen asleep. Now is my chance, just a firm grip on her neck fur and carry her off to Bit Tom’s villa. She walked into my trap.

Nera: Only a few more steps and we will meet Romeo. Bobinette, where is Tabby, she seems to have lost touch with us.
Bobinette: The last I saw of her was before we walked round that oak tree. Do you think she has lost the way. Here comes Romeo – perhaps he knows where she is. Romeo have you seen Tabby, she seems to have disappeared.
Romeo: Ciaou bella Bobinette, I am waiting here with Big Tom and his guardia gatto, but havn’t seen Tabby. Gladys and One Eyed Fred are just around the corner. Gladys is taking a rest.
Big Tom: You have lost Tabby, I havn’t seen her either.
Nera: She said something about a strong smell of catnip in the air and I havn’t seen her since.
Big Tom: We are now approaching our meeting place and Long Tailed Al and his gang are already there. We just don’t have time to go back and search.
Long Tail Al: Long time, no see, Big Tom. Must say you certainly ‘ave fresh air out ‘ere in the country. Goes to me ‘ead a bit. Where’s me son, Tabby. Been looking forward to seeing ‘im again.
Big Tom: Perhaps we should meet more often Al to talk things over. See you have your black paw gang here as well.
Long Tail Al: Yer, well yer never know, but where’s Tabby?
Mr. Grey: Someone looking for Tabby?
Big Tom: What are you doing here, I don’t remember sending an invite.
Long Tail Al: Well, I didn’t invite ‘im either, so ‘e ain’t got no right being ‘ere.
Mr. Grey: I though someone said they were looking for Tabby?
Big Tom: And what do you know about it.

Mr. Grey: Tabby is sleeping soundly after a full dose of 1A catnip and won’t be going anywhere until I get what I deserve.
Long Tail Al: The only fing you deserve is a scratch on yr whiskers if you do anyfing to me son Tabby.
Big Tom: Am I hearing right. Grey what have you done with Tabby and where is she.
Nera: Grey has gone like the wind, but I think he was running up the hill to Big Tom’s villa.
Big Tom: Romeo send my guardia gatto up the hill and surround my villa.
Long Tail Al: Slimy, get the black paw gang going, we ‘ave a rescue operation to do.
Big Tom: Problem is that once Grey is in my villa, it’s going to be difficult to get him out. He has a good advantage over us all as he sees us cats coming from his look out post.
Gladys: I think I know how to rescue Tabby.
One Eyed Fred: Gladys, ‘ow comes you’re talking all posh like them upper class cats.

Gladys: Fred, you do ask some silly questions sometimes. Just let me deal with things my way. I will explain when things get back to normal.
Long Tail Al: Well I don’t fink anyfing is normal at the moment. Where’s me son, I’ll kill that Grey when I get me fangs in ‘im.
Big Tom: Al, don’t forget, Grey is my son and if anyone gets his fangs in Grey, it will be me. Up to now Gladys has been quite good in organising things, so I would listen to what she says.
Long Tail Al: Well she’s turned me best tom cats into a bunch of sissies, so she can’t do much more ‘arm I suppose.
Gladys: Just give me a few minutes, I will be back soon.

One Eyed Fred: Well I ain’t too ‘appy about this. Gladys is me wife and expecting kittens any day now, ‘ope nuffing ‘appens to ‘er.
Big Tom: I think I know where she has gone.

Tabby: Now that was a relaxing sleep, nice and comfortable on those silk cushions. Silk cushions? The only cat that sleeps on silk cushions is gatto di tutti gatti, Big Tom. Where am I? I was supposed to be at a conference and meet my dad, and here I am sleeping on Big Tom’s cushions in his villa.
Mr. Grey: Surprised Tabby?
Tabby: Where have you come from Grey?
Mr. Grey: I have just run up the hill away from your stupid sister and her cronies. Just think, my dad, Big Tom, is wondering where Tabby is and Long Tail Al wants to see his son. Isn’t that sweet, brings tears to my eyes. Looks like they are going to have to wait some time until they see Tabby again, doesn’t it?

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