Saturday, 3 November 2007

03.11.2007 - What did we do today

I decided I prefer mental work to physical work. Today it was a physical work day. This morning I was allowed out, in the company of Mr. Swiss, to do the rest of the week-end shopping. On the top of the list was a new toaster. Can't really complain. The last toaster we bought died yesterday at the age of 38 years. We bought it just after we got married and it had lived through many slices of toast in a family with four children and two adults.

Yesterday evening I had put smoked salmon on the menu with toast. These days smoked salmon is not the luxury it used to be and the fish seem to be multiplying without any problem. There was a special offer for atlantic salmon so there we were, Mr. Swiss, my No. 1 son and me, sitting down to toast and salmon. We were nearly finished when suddenly by the last piece of toast there was a sort of small explosive noise, we had a light show where the plug was and all items depending on electricity gave up. This also included Mr. Swiss computer, but luckily it was running ok afterwards. In this completely dark world Mr. Swiss went to the fuse cabinet, but before doing anything told me to pull the plug of the toaster. I was keen to oblige, but could not see a */-%&-- thing so just pulled the whole thing out. Mr. Swiss did the necessary with the fuses and there was light once again. He noticed with disappointment that when I pulled the plug out, I just pulled the whole unit out so he had to fix the time on the radio again. I mentioned to him that I couldn't see a bloody thing in the dark, and eventually things got back to normal. Needless to say the new toaster was No. 1 on the list today, especially as we still have a packet of toast bread to use up at home. We took the dead toaster back to the toaster happy hunting grounds at the shop. Very sad.

We also had a few other items to buy, but I just pushed my trolley in the supermarket (known as Migros in Switzerland - sort of Swiss Tesco) and Mr. Swiss filled it up with the necessaries. We then had to go to a second supermarket (Swiss Co-op) because it was the only place around here where they sell Kit-Bits for cats. My black cat Nera loves them. Sort of round bits cut off with a white pastry looking cover and filled with something brown. Big disappointment they had none. They did have 3 other sort of cat munchies, but our cats do not like them. Must make a complaint to the head of the co-op. They just seem to fill up the shelves with stuff that cats don't like.

That was the morning behind us, so when I got home I cooked some lunch (if you really want to know it was finely sliced veal in a cream sauce with mushrooms and rice).

In the afternoon it was time for physical training. The garden was slowly resembling the everglades so we decided to give everything a firm cut down and clear out the stuff, particularly as the gardener is coming on Monday to cut the privet down. I like a nice high privet, but the neighbours are not so keen on it (just one neighbour actually, but what you do for the neighbours). Although in Winter when the snow comes it tends to weigh down the branches and our poor neighbour cannot walk up the path without walking into a snowy branch.

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I took the photo after the job was done. The white stuff on the ground is white stones that we started putting down where the lawn had disappeared at one time or another. We plan to do the rest, but unfortunately during the job Mr. Swiss got a problem with his back, so we had to postpone the rest. It all looks quite neat, but unforunately what looks now neat was up to two meters tall before I cut it down. Mr. Swiss sawed off the trunks.

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This was just half of what we cut off. The rest is packed in the green container and the two green plastic bags. We will have to cut this into small pieces, but have reserved it for tomorrow afternoon. How I am looking forward to my Sunday afternoon.

We packed up around four o'clock in the afternoon, so I had a nice 30 minutes to finish off the ironing I had waiting for me. Then I got going with the evening meal and now I am relaxing with a cup of coffee at the computer. My back is aching and I will probably fall asleep in the armchair this evening in front of the tv, but as we say I am tired but happy.

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