Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Zeppelin

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The Zeppelin probably brings to most people memories of a very bad accident which happened in 1937, the cause of which has never been found. Was it an accident or was it sabotage? I was watching a very interesting film on the television made by a German company. The programme showed the history of the Zeppelin and also the film of the accident. There were interviews with a few survivors, who could be seen jumping out of the Zepplin 1937 upon the landing in Lakehurst in America. They were then children of course, but nevertheless the memories of this crash landing and the burning remains of the Zepplin surrounding them had never been forgotton.

One survivor had lost his sister and father in the crash, and his mother survived with bad burns. The father had a camera on board and had taken photos of his family. The father did not survive, but the camera did and with it the film showing the last photos of the sister and the father himself. It was the mother that had pushed her children out of the wreck taking a chance that survival was more likely from falling as from being burnt. Another survivor was a 15 year old cabin boy that just jumped and ran for his life.

There was a discussion as to whether it was an accident or not. The main problem and cause for the fire was that at this time the balloon was filled with hydrogen (inflammable) and not with helium as was the case with the American ships. Helium was not being delivered to Germany at the time. Any further information as to these interesting ships can be found in Wikipedia under

The Zeppelin lives again. Flights are being made from the port of Friedrichshafen a city on the shore of the Lake of Constance which borders Switzerland and Germany. I was once on a visit to this part of Switzerland and made a tour of the Lake on one of the sightseeing boats. It was quite an impression to see one of these Zeppelins flying across the Lake. Some time ago their manufacture was started, naturally suited to modern day science, and they are no longer the dangerous gas balloons of earlier years, although their engines can still be heard when they fly over. Even where I live, in the Northern part of Switzerland, a Zeppelin has been known to take a flight over our village. You hear a strange noise and go to see what it is and lo and behold and Zeppelin is flying over the house. Most impressive.

I do know a few people that have made a trip on one of these modern day Zeppelins. It is not a cheap flight, and you must have patience as it can be that a waiting time of months is to be taken into calculation. The photo above shows one of the new modern zeppelins and the photo below a close up of the passenger compartment. If anyone would like to take a trip then you may follow this link

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