Monday, 20 August 2007

Pablo, Vermeer & Atticus are in trouble

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Pablo: Atticus will you stop scratching, there are fur bits flying all over the place.
Vermeer: If you don’t stop I will have to start sneezing.
Atticus: I can’t help it, it just itches all over my body. Now what was that – something jumped out of my fur.
Pablo: Yuck, it was a flea and it is coming my way.
Vermeer: Just watching Atticus makes me feel itchy, so I will have to have a scratch as well. Pablo: Atticussssss, where have you been lately and who have you met?
Atticus: That’s my business Pablo.
Vermeer: It definitely is not your business if you are going to infect us all with fleas.
Atticus: Now what’s a flea, they are so small you can hardly see them.
Pablo: You might not be able to see them, but you can feel them – ouch, I think one just bit me.
Vermeer: OK, Atticus, now where did you pick them up. You havn’t been seeing that rag doll cat from round the corner have you?
Atticus: Well I was taking a walk in the garden and she came up to me and we had a sniff together – you know you can’t just speak to any cat, you have to sniff them first to know what they want.
Pablo: You can sniff around us as much as you like, but not around strange cats.
Atticus: She isn’t strange, she has been living here for the past year or so.
Vermeer: But you know she has very long tangled fur and that is the best breeding ground for a flea family. Oh dear, I feel really itchy behind my ear, thank goodness I have long legs and can reach.
Atticus: Come to think of it Vermeer, it is a bit irritating to have to scratch all the time.
Vermeer: So boys we will have to do something about it.
Atticus: What about a swim in the nearbye sea.
Pablo: Forget it, cats do not go near water, I would rather have a good scratch.

So our 3 cats had a nice scratching session, when suddenly a stifled gasp disturbed the cat conversation. The human that lives with them came onto the scene.

“Oh no” she exclaimed and called her human partner.
“What’s wrong?” he asked
“I think our 3 wonderful cats have got fleas, I know they have fleas”
“I am sure it was that Rag Doll round the corner” the partner said
“Or it could have been the silver tabby from down the road” answered the human and started getting ready to go out.
“Where are you going?” asked the partner
“That is obvious. I am going to the chemist to get some flea powder” and off she went.

Some time later she came back loaded up with packets of flea powder and antiflea spray. The two humans then went to work on the home and the cats, and had a thorough vacuuming session on the carpets to clear out any flea eggs that might be around.

Meanwhile back to the cats…..

Pablo: So Atticus I hope you are now happy. Here are Vermeer and I coughing for all we can thanks to your flea family and the cleansing session we just had from the humans that live with us.
Atticus: Well at least we are now almost flea free.
Vermeer: But not only that, they won’t let us sleep on their beds any more during the day or night. They have even fitted a gate up on the door.
Pablo: I saw that gate, it’s just wonderful, but what’s it for? Atticus is a bit too much on the fatter side to get through the gate, but Vermeer and I have no problem. We can just push through it.
Vermeer: Good idea Pablo, we can then relax on the human’s bed without Atticus and his flea family.
Atticus: Just a minute. No. 1 I am not fat, just well proportioned. You Orientals look like a good plate of fresh meat would do you good. Put a bit of flesh on you bones. And No. 2, I am also now flea-free after that session with the powder and spray.
Vermeer: Cool down Atticus. I wanted to go through the gate to the bedroom but didn’t get through.
Pablo: Let me have a try. Oh dear, you are right Vermeer, I only get up to my hips and my bones are too big.
Atticus: Cats do not have hips, we have hind legs and with those over proportioned legs what you Orientals have, it is not surprising that you cannot get through.
Vermeer: OK so we are all left out in the cold.
Pablo: I have an idea. Let’s take a jump.
Vermeer: It worked, you are over it
Atticus: Now a jump is easy, I will also have a try

And the humans saw their cats jumping over the gate they fitted up to stop them getting into the bedroom.

Mrs. Human: Those cats are really sly, but not as sly as I am.

So she decided to move the bed, which she did and put it in another room and shut the door.

Pablo: You know what I think, humans are not as stupid as I thought. Our comfortable nights in a big spacious bed are a thing of the past.
Vermeer: And all because Atticus got too friendly with the Rag Doll next door.
Atticus: Vermeer, did I see you talking to the Silver Tabby down the road yesterday Vermeer?
Vermeer: What do you mean?
Atticus: Because I saw her human walking home with the same shaped packets as our human had when she spread the powder and sprayed the house.
Pablo: You mean that it was the silver tabby and not the rag doll.
Atticus: Who knows?

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