Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Neighbours across the road

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They are strange people really. The husband is always standing in the garden and looking for unidentified flying objects. Usually people look over the wall, but not this one. He just strains his neck and looks up towards the sky. Since he moved in he has been in this position. He does not even seem to notice people like me walking past and taking a photo. Actually his name is "L'Homme qui regarde le ciel" and he was created by Denis Perret-Gentil.

The house he belongs to is just behind him and actually it is an Art House called Galerie Vita. They have exhibitions of various modern Swiss artists. It is really just a short walk across the road from where we live. I must admit I have never paid a visit up to now, but hubby said you have a nice view of our garden from the upper floor. Before it actually became an art gallery, it was a rented for people to live in - those that could afford it, amongst them being a well-known Swiss writer and the chief of the local police.

Of course if you approach the village by car on the main road, you can see him looking out over the railway lines. Can be a bit disturbing if you drive past for the first time.

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