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July 07, 2007 - First Day of a 3 week Holiday

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if Supermarkets always looked like this.

At last 3 weeks holiday – no work, just playtime at home with the computer, the camera and going for walks in the countryside or relaxing in the garden with a book. That means a bad weather programme and a good weather programme.

Today was a nice Summer day, not too hot and not raining for a change. It begun with a short cleaning session at home and then a drive to the local supermarket in a nearbye village hunting for food with my man. It was one of those normal Saturdays, the car park not quite full and enough room to breathe in the supermarket. None of those special offers where you get 5 times more points than usual for your purchases. Now and again there was even places where there was no-one to get in the way. Astonishing on a Saturday, but after listening to the news on the radio, half the population seemed to be on its way towards South, mainly sitting in the famous annual traffic jams over or through the Gotthard Pass road. I was once again thankful that I now spend my Summer holidays at home in the quietness of a Swiss village in the so-called middle land of Switzerland.

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The photo above shows the main square just outside of the core of our town. It used to be very nostalgic with lots of carved stone, but someone in the local town hall had a dream and this became the result. Really fits in with a town designed in baroque style.

After fulfilling our purchases hubby made the wonderful suggestion about going into town for a drink. We arrived after winding our way through the road works which seem to have taken over the streets of Solothurn this Summer and, even found an empty space in the multi storey car park, naturally at the 3rd floor beneath ground level (thank goodness for lifts). After going on a 15 minute search for a street café which had room for two, we were lucky to find room on the Friedhofplatz in a café. Translated it would be Cemetery Square, but no worries. the cemetery was there some five hundred years ago, the only problem at the moment is that if they decide to renew the cobbles on the street, it could be that a few skeletons appear – leading to a delay in the building until the archaeologists have finished their work, this being one of the disadvantages of living in the oldest town in Switzerland.

To pass time at the café I naturally took a few photos, avoiding any persons in the photos (some people tend to get annoyed when grey haired ladies start taking photos of everything). The town was crowded as Saturday morning is market day and the stalls are out. We met a few people we know, which is not so difficult if you live in a village with only a couple of thousand people and near a town where you have been living for the last 35 years.

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This photo shows the view opposite the table we occupied in the street café. Nothing fantastic, but the stony bit on the corner is a part of one of the original town walls and as said, under the pavement are probably a few skeletons waiting to be found.

Eventually we arrived home (tired but happy?) to our 3 cats who had not really realised that we had been away. One sleeping outside in the garden and the other two curled up somewhere in the home. Cats always seem to be on holiday. I then got down to the cooking programme.

That was the first day of the holiday, nothing spectacular, but knowing that Monday will be another day that I can please myself what I will do and that I do not have to wear a watch on my arm (although a Swiss feels a bit undressed without one) I think it is a good life at the moment.

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