Monday, 20 August 2007

July 15, 2007 - 10 weekdays to go of the holiday

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Since we have had temperatures up to 30°C it seems that our alps have decided to show theirselves in the so-called „middle-land“ where I live, although very faint and in a haze. We live at the beginning of a vast plain which stretches from the seven chains of the Jura mountains for a couple of hundred kilometres to the Bernese Overland. On a good day, weather permitting, we can actually see the alps from our garden, although only in a thin line. This photo was taken from the local supermarket which is a bit higher up than we are.

So what else have we been doing – nothing really spectacular, just taking it easy. I saw my eldest son off to a two week holiday in Italy – he is handicapped. I think it is the seventh year that he has gone with the same group on holiday and he enjoys it very much. He is a perfect swimmer so can make the most of the sea once a year.

Had a little bit of excitement yesterday afternoon when my neighbour called to come quickly with my camera. There was a duck family walking through our garden.

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The River Aare is about five minutes to walk from where we live and mama duck with her ducklings decided to take a stroll around where we live. I think it is a mallard duck, as they seem to be the most seen species on our river. In any case there was I with my neighbour’s husband armed with our cameras chasing the ducks and taking photos. The rest of the photos will be put up on my photo stream later today. Actually this photo is at one of the neighbour's - I was just snapping away with the camera as I was walking.

Just to finish the day yesterday, Mr. Grey, the neighbour’s cat from across the lawn, paid me a visit . He often comes along in the evening, mostly when my cats are on their usual walk. They do not get on well together, sort of “keep out of my territory” thing.

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