Monday, 20 August 2007

July 12, 2007 - 12 Weekdays to go of the holiday

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Since the beginning of my holiday, this drain seems to symbolise everything. It was the most important object in the surroundings to carry the water away. Even whilst this photo was being taken it was raining. However all good things come to an end and this morning the rain gradually disappeared. There was still a small "nip" in the air, but for the first time this week we could leave our dwellings without umbrella or raincoat.

I had to go to the opticians for an eye test and arrange for new glasses, as after my spectacular accident two weeks ago my glasses were broken and luckily I was wearing my reserve glasses. I had not treated myself to new glasses for 3 years, so decided it was time, especially as the accident insurance would be helping to pay for them. It seems that my sight had not changed dramatically in the last years, despite being diabetic, so everything went quite quickly and then there was the chance to choose new frames. I knew what I wanted, and definitely not the modern type of glasses which look like two parallel lines only a few centimeters apart with hardly room for the eyes to look through. They seem to be fashion amongst the youngsters at the moment, although I have the impression they have a totally different view on the world. Anyhow I chose something a bit more conservative, and naturally expensive. I just do not know why, but if find something I like they it usually reflects an expensive taste.

Afterwards a short visit to the book shop where I met hubby and ordered a book. I have to order most of the books I read as the choice in English books is limited in the small town shop where I buy the books, but they have a very prompt delivery service. Then we both paid a visit to the local supermarket and arrived home tired but happy. By then the sun was coming in more intervals and although dinner was served inside, we had our coffee outside on the porch.

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The garden had started recovering from the monsoon rains of the past week, but unfortunately household duties called and I spent the first hour of the afternoon cleaning the kitchen. Eventually I joined two sleeping cats on the porch and made myself comfortable in a chair with a book. The third cat had made herself at home on the rocking chair in our bedroom.

Now and again I had a look at the computer, but as nothing worldshaking was happening I went back to my book. The rest of the day was spent as all good holidays should be spent - doing nothing and taking it easy. The weather prophets informed that we are in for a heat wave over the next few days, so it looks like my blackberries will eventually turn black.

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