Saturday, 18 August 2007

A Day at Home

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As I worked on our Corpus Christi holiday I had a day off today to compensate. I did not really intend doing anything special, and had quite a full programme early in the morning. First of all I took my son to work at 7.00 in the morning, then I went to the physiotherapist for half an hours torture. Afterwards I decided to get the daily shopping finished. On the way to the supermarket in the nearby village of Langendorf the sky started turning to a slightly dismal colour - actually black. I took the photo an hour later at home when it started brightening up.

I arrived at the parking lot at the supermarket and realised that I would not be able to leave the car until it stopped raining. Well actually rain was an understatement. If I had seen an elderly gentleman with a long white beard building a large wooden boat and collecting animals 2 by 2 to put into it, I would not have been surprised. It was also quite windy so my car resembled a ship on high sea from time to time. I looked at the clock in the car, 08.40 a.m. I thought to myself, such a freak storm cannot last long and would at least wait five minutes to subside. Ten minutes later I decided this was ridiculous, the rain was somewhat lighter, so I grabbed my umbrella and shopping bags and made a run for it (not quite - I do not run any more).

I arrived at the entrance to the supermarket, finding a small crowd of people waiting to walk back to their cars. They did not seem surprised at my appearance, but I supposed the wet look on me does not really make a big impression these days. Eventually I got the shopping done and arrived home. I found that my potted plants were laying flat outside and that the larger plants in the garden were not standing up so straight anymore.

However, before tending to the destruction in the garden, my first thought was to my cats. Where were they - did they survive the storm? Were they frightened by the thunder and lightening?. Fluffy, the blind cat was asleep indoors on a chair. Nera, the long haired black cat was looking out the window waiting to be able to go out again. But where was Tabby? I looked everywhere but suddenly she appeared in the kitchen as if to say what's all the fuss about. I then packed out the shopping and made myself a well deserved nerve-soothing coffee.

I then went out to the garden and spent the next hour clearing the devistation up. It could have been worse. A few bent reeds and broken stalks. On my way home from the supermarket the road had traces of broken trees so I sort of knew what to expect.

Next job - clean up the flat. I know I had the day off but we housewives miss something if we cannot clean anything, especially when the male part of the household is not there (he was on the village senior outing - I am too young to go with them).
And then a surprise just after lunch. I saw a lorry parked on our small through road, which was unusual and saw the writing on the lorry something about racing cars. So what did I do - took a photo.

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I got curious. I wondered if some sort of famous racing driver had decided to move into our village. We have quite a low tax rate (too many millionaires) and it could be attractive. We already have one neighbour with a Ferrari. So there was me armed with my camera in the garden. The lorry was parked for some time and the back was open. After looking further I saw that there was a racing car perched on the lorry platform. It was not being delivered, but had been picked up from somewhere. I took another photo, but as I did not want to walk over and get to near, in case difficult questions were asked, I managed to zoom in on it with the photo programme and here is the result.

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The things I must miss when I am at work. Eventually the lorry driver left, so I do not really know more than I did before.

The remains of my day passed normally with no great excitement. I am now at home waiting for my other half to return, tired but happy, after his day with the seniors of the village.

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