Monday 7 December 2015

Daily Prompt: Sorry I'm busy

Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t.

“Sorry I’m Busy”

“But you are sitting at the computer.”

“I’m working on something.”

“But you are surfing in Internet. For working things you at least need the Word programme, or even better Excel.”

These moments of Mr. Swiss concentration are to be respected.

“I was wondering if you could help me with something.”


“I am searching for the web site of that guy that repaired our windows.”

“Why, do we need another new window?”

“Of course not, but it might be that we will in the future and if I put his details into my mobile phone, I will know where to call.”

“That can wait Just a minute. Look I have found it at last.”

“Found what?”

“The web site I was looking for.”

Yes today’s modern conversation circulates on assistance and help, but no longer physical. It seems to me that everyone helps themselves if necessary.

I am very independent, although I must add that one golden oldie helps another and Mr. Swiss is very good in that connection. He has the feeling that I do not do it as good as he does. My mum was also a member of that school of thought, especially when she was moaning about what she had to do.”

“Can I help mum.”

“No, I will do it myself, then it will get done properly”, which was a great inspiration to become independent.

It was no wonder that my cooking experiences were nil when I stepped out into the wide world to do my own thing. Mum was convinced that my future husband would live on fish fingers and baked beans, but my help was never needed and so I did not learn the important things in life. Fast forward 50 years later. Profanities heard from the direction of the vacuum cleaner.

“Can I help?”

“No, I am emptying the Dyson.”

“But I know how to do ut.”

“I have the routine, can do it faster, and easier. Just leave me to it.”

You see, no-one wants or needs my help. Yesterday was my birthday. No big deal, just another year older and a few more grey hairs, aches and pains, flowing down the eternal river of onsetting age. And so the family invited themselves to dinner. I had nothing to do really, because everyone finds they can do it better, although I discovered there are things I can do that the others cannot.

“What about a dessert?”

“Make a chocolate mousse everyone likes a chocolate mousse.”

I decided that I had nothing better to do on Saturday morning that to take the time to create my dessert speciality. The big meal was on Sunday, so I could save some time.  I mixed the egg yolks, sugar and added the melted chocolate, whipped the cream, whipped the egg whites and mixed it all together - no problem. I then spent time wiping the chocolate stains from the tiles in the kitchen and cupboard doors where they had sprayed themselves from the whipping machine. Afterwards I cleaned various instruments in the kitchen sink, removing traces of melted chocolate and as a grand finale I wiped away the traces of the cooking operation from the kitchen floor, after all everyone likes a chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Mousse remains

The bowl was full before the family arrived- They helped by eating almost all and decided to leave me a remainder for the next day. You see mum, my future husband did not have to live on fish fingers after all. The main meal also disappeared, yes it was a busy day eating it all.

And I had a very nice birthday with Mr. Swiss, No. 1 son and No. 2 son with his wife.


  1. On the rare occasion I need help with anything computer-based, I get on the phone to Baz!!

    That chocolate mousse certainly look goood!!

    1. I generally ask Mr. Swiss for computer assistance, but we often have two different opinions. I am more into html and he is more into logic. It is one of my signature dishes, but a good recipe with no gelatine.