Friday 27 November 2015

Topic Generator: Elated Drunk

It all happened on the afternoon when Mr. Swiss said let’s go shopping, but took the scenic route to the shops, which added perhaps a half an hour on the trip, but was a worthwhile photographic adventure. We stopped awhile to view a fortress built into the overhanging cliffs Long View and afterwards move on to enjoy the scenery.

It was one of those moments when you really could become “elated drunk” as I looked from the heights to the panorama below. 

Balm and Günsberg

It wasn't a brilliant sunny day, but the air was clear enough to see it all. Immediately below were some of the villages belonging to Solothurn country and further in the distance was the Bernese Overland in all its glory. I could go into detail about which peak was which, but suffice it to be said that the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch are amongst them. They seem to be quite near, but it would be at least a 2 hour drive to reach them. The motorway begins in Solothurn and then crosses the town of bern about 40 minutes later. From Bern you take the road to Interlaken which is the gateway to the Bernese Overland. We spent many summer holidays in the area when the children were still children, usually renting a chalet somewhere in one of the villages, Grindelwald, Adelboden or Gstaad.

Even the village of Balm itself was picturesque and a layer of snow had collected from the night before, but not so much and was still covering some parts of the ground.

Balm and Günsberg

Mr. Swiss was lucky enough to grow up in this area, in the village of Niederwil, which we passed on the way.  The central school was in his village and in Winter some children arrived on skis from the villages of Balm and Günsberg.

And here we have the man himself, trying out his photographic talent.

Marcel in Balm

We eventually departed from the heights, dropping in on the shop on our way home. We didn’t need any whisky, beer or vodka to get drunk, we were elated enough from the wonderful views we had.


  1. They are, indeed, wonderful views. The picture of the village atop snow-dusted hills, is lovely.

  2. We had another snowfall this morning and our village resembles the photo, although we are more flat than hilly. The mountains lookd beautiful with their snow cover especially when the sun reflects on it.