Tuesday 17 November 2015

Finding Heart - Have a heart challenge

Heart Potato

Of course I have a heart, don't we all. I even remembered the day when I was busy in the kitchen cooking food for the masses and there it was, sitting in the plastic bag and just waiting for its chosen moment. Now, you do not just ignore a heart shaped potato. It has a deep meaning, it does not just say peel me, chop me, cook me and eat me. It says find a suitable background (in this case something red and noble like a piece of carpet) and then take your best DSLR camera. Look I am smiling, so click and make me famous through the internet world.

Of course, this all happened on 19th October 2014 according to the details of the upload. A potato never to be forgotten. Did it have a meaning, was it sitting in the plastic bag waiting to be discovered? I was gazing at this mysterious vegetable masterpiece when the telephone rang, so I had to leave this unique potato for a few minutes.

I returned to the kitchen to find a helpful kitchen assistant in the shape of Mr. Swiss. He decided to take over whilst I was busy on the telephone: oh wonderful. He peeled all the potatoes, including the heart shaped potato, chopped them and they were all waiting to be cooked. I was actually planning to peel my heart shaped potato and cook it separately so that it would keep its romantic shape and naturally serve it to Mr. Swiss.

Why is it that men do not notice the romantic symbolism of a potato, they are so ruthless in their actions, although I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. I did not want to discourage him, and let's face it, men just do not see anything romantic in a potato, even if it is heart shaped. Although when I examine the photo today, it does need a lot of imagination to find the heart.

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