Thursday, 8 October 2015

Topic Generator: Helpful Initiative

Men at work

What are the two men of my home life (the third lives on the other side of Switzerland with his wife) doing in the corner behind the television cupboard. Not only crouching in the corner, but Mr. Swiss with his iPhone taking photos? Now and again a profanity was uttered by Mr. Swiss, one of the lesser profanities and a curse was uttered concerning the various spiders that had spun their webs in dark corners. No. 1 son seemed to be beckoned to help to move the TV cupboard, which is heavy and large and contains not only a TV, but a DVD thing and other objects that I do not know the name of.

“Fetch the vacuum cleaner” was a command from Mr. Swiss and son No. 1 was then appointed chef vacumer and the homes of various spider ancestors were removed.

After spending at least 15 minutes in this corner Mr. Swiss appeared proudly showing a photo of a plug that was hanging out of the wall, although still in working order. It seems that this plug will be necessary for our new, wonderful, super Internet connection. As a helpful initiative our computer expert that we call upon for solving complicated problems informed us that on the day of the big switch on, sometime in November, he would bring his own modem which is the best you can have. After contact with the company who will be supplying this new system, it seems that this wonder modem is not requested. They have their own modem which will be necessary. We reached a compromise and our expert will be supplying the router. Oh this is getting technical and I am just repeating what I heard.

So further to my two computer experts and handymen. I was hoping they would soon be finished as it was getting near to dinner time and my spaghetti al sugo with accompanying side salad would soon be ready. I could eventually relax and breathe out as I saw Mr. Swiss preforming a 90° turn to the TV cabinet. He was halfway there, but being an expert in such matters, decided it would be wise to see if the TV was still functioning after his electic plug operations. I heard voices from  the TV and so yes it was alive. Now came the delicate part of the operation. Luckily my No. 1 son is on short time on Thursday and Friday and could employ his 1m 85 cm height and muscles to assist pushing the TV cabinet to its original position. Yes the job was done and here you can see the two succesful workers on the finishing touches.

Men at work


  1. Wow, your Service Providers certainly like to make things complicated!!!

    1. We had Swisscom, the main Swiss provider but are now changing to a local and very good provider. The problem is that the whole system is now changing and everything will have to be replaced. Something like when TV went digital.