Saturday, 24 October 2015

Daily Prompt: Trick Questions

A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece — about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?


Do you enjoy repetitive daily prompts? - No
Do you have any guilty secrets? - Who doesn’t?
Are you jealous that I have a Pulitzer prize and you were overlooked - yes

Today I am not in the mood for writing a daily prompt, and definitely not ready to answer any questions, it is a stupid theme for me. So I decided to answer with stupidity.

I am taking it easy, no big writing from me today, have better things to do with my time. My pet crazy chicken, Charlie, has taken over my desk. He used to be the star of a computer game.

“Charlie, how do you feel that you are now redundant?”

“No problem, How would you feel if your were shot down at least ten times a day just to win some points and move on to another level. I can now relax in my retirement, no stress and above all no falling from tree branches or having to visit the crazy chicken vet to have my injuries cured.”

“Are crazy chickens as stupid as people say?”

“We are intelligent birds, how else would we have become so famous by marketing our facilities to be shot down in a computer game.”

“Does Mrs. Angloswiss still play the game.”

“No, she moved onto other intelligent things like writing daily prompts.”

“An now you are forgotten.”

“Of course not, I have a special place in her computer room. I was her favourite Christmas present many years ago. I even still have a link on the computer Shoot the crazy chicken and am now entering my 11th year.”

“Then you have become quite a veteran in the gaming world. Thank you for spending your valuable time in giving this interview.”

“No problem, it was a pleasure to be the focus of attention again.”


  1. As I've never been a big fan of computer games, I don't know what game this character used to be in.

  2. This was many years ago, and I knew it under the name of "Moorhuhn". It was one of the first successful shoot them down games. I was working at the time and I think we were all doing it in the office in between working. It got very popular and my Moorhuhn was a gift from someone I knew.