Wednesday 21 October 2015

Daily Prompt: By the Dots

We all have strange relationships with punctuation — do you overuse exclamation marks? Do you avoid semicolons like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us all about your punctuation quirks!

School prize

so lets see if you write without punctuation omitting dots and commas you are deemed to be perhaps ignorant and not capable of writing I for myself use punctuation where I think it fits and do not concentrate so much on what the others say to prove my point i have taken a photograph of one of my school prizes received a year or two before I left school in 1962 the prize says for progress but I am still not sure what sort of progress the main thing being that I did receive a prize in the school hall at a big get together the bloke that gave me the prize was some sort of prominent person of the time but it seems he was so prominent that I have forgotten his name in the meanwhile our school badge is engraved on the cover of the book it has become somewhat stained over the years through old age but so have I I can live without punctuation the problem being can you I decided to write this piece of blog without punctuation to prove my point let us exile the commas full stops brackets question marks and exclamation marks and cast them into a world of their own hey comma I do not like it here there are no words to stop full stop stop arguing you were always spoilt arriving at the end of every sentence be glad you are english if you were german there would even be rules as to how you must appear it is all organised from the beginning to the end of a sentence I should know I am a comma and we are the most important piece of punctuation in the german language we appear at the end of every clause to mark that it is the end of a clause you full stops are just there to break things up an what about me the question mark we are everywhere if you were writing spanish there would be no question of forgetting us our question marks appear at the beginning of the question and to mark the conclusion of the question we arrive again at the end of the question but in an inverted form it looks very pretty and we are proud of it what a lot of show offs without emphasising the fact that my exclamations impose the importance of the remarks being made here without exclaiming you are all nothing no-one takes an interest in all your importance of punctuation and now let us out we have been isolated long enough from the sense of the words your books and statements have become an insignificant piece of writing without us shakespeare and goethe have become a mere mass of insignificant words lacking in style OK I will let you return but behave and insert yourselves in the right places according to the necessity of making sense of the words I suppose we do need punctuation I just noticed that even my computer is confused and wants to insert various commas in between just to make some sense of what I am writing yes I would say so no-one mentioned us capital letters you cannot even tell if a sentence is beginning or ending and the german language is completely confused it needs us for the nouns all german nouns have capital letters but what about the names of towns and countries etc etc yes the capitals are the boss there are no bosses just the rules of punctuation and now I would mention that those of you reading this could now insert the punctuation just for the fun of it