Friday, 11 September 2015

Topic Generator: Uptight Lack


Fred decided that this sort of place was not an ideal position to spend the afternoon. It was time to spread out and find a female again. This sort of life was becoming boring. He had been through the process twice already this year and his offspring were already populating the place: space was becoming tight. And then the walking exercises he had to go through to make the chosen firebug happy. Walking around for ages, sometimes a week. connected to the chosen one. He could only think of one phrase in Firebug language, yes, it was an “uptight lack”. There he was stranded on a stalk and most of his mates were of the new generation and bathing in the sun on a golden rod. 


It was not fair, they had a year before the uptight position would occur. for them.  And then he saw her, the most beautiful lady firebug he had ever saw. She was flashing her eyes at him and turning in a full circle, back and forth.

“Hi, how would it be with us too. You cannot be a happy firebug in your uptight position, lacked to a dry stalk. What about coming for a walkabout.?”

“I am thinking about it” said Fred, although his thoughts were turned to something else and he really was not sure. His feet hurt from the many kilometres he had marched dragging a new mate throughout the year. 

Two Firebugs

On the other hand, what does one do for the preservation of the species, although admittedly the firebug species were quite numerous, where there is a root, there is food, was one of the firebug mottos.

“Oh come on, flashy guy, let’s have fun together.”

“But it is already late in the year.”

“There is always time for a walkabout, and think of the next year and the one after.”

So Fred jumped from his uptight lacked perch and decided to do what all firebugs do most of their life. Two weeks later, he parted from his partner. The had walked many miles together. He then remembered he had forgotten to ask her name, although let’s face it, it is not the name that counts. It’s the distance they walk to get to know each other. They waved their feelers with the words “see you next year”. Fred decided it was a good year after all. His feet still hurt, but to be honest, he quite enjoyed the walk. 

Would the result be one baby per footstep.



  1. The firebug population is certainly not lacking in numbers, anyway!!

    1. They are the first insects to arrive after Winter. They walk around in pairs and otherwise you find them in groups in the garden, but they do no real harm. And they are a perfect subject for a photo.