Sunday, 9 August 2015

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course - never to be forgotten occasion

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

This is just a prompt, a suggestion to write or not to write. I realise that I had absolutely nothing I wanted to accomplish last week. I fought my way through heat to finalise the usual cleaning plan. I visited the supermarket to buy food so that we would not starve and, of course, not to forget I even wrote my daily prompt, although I had written them all before. You see I braved my way through all the obstacles put in my way and I am still alive.

Nothing holds me back from doing anything, unless I do not feel like doing anything. Today the daily prompt is holding me back from unfolding my usual creative Pulitzer prize suspicious writing. It has killed my interest in writing because of the silly subject matter. I know it is not like me, but I feel absolutely no inspiration whatever to write about anything. I am brain dead.

Perhaps it is the suspense waiting for my turn in the queue for Windows 10. Everyone is talking about it, telling me how they now have it and I am still sitting at a disappointed computer in the waiting line. Mr. Swiss read today that there are many obstacles in the way when it arrives. Secrecy is not a big thing in the Windows world. One man’s wife even discovered a slide show of pornographic photos when she switched on the computer in the morning. It seems her husband had stashed them away in “my photos” on his Windows 10 predecessor and had left his computer to upload Windows 10 during the night. Windows 10 decided to apply the photos as a screen saver and in the morning Mrs. Windows 10 lady was astonished to find them on the computer.

That is one of the reasons why everyone should have their own computer. Imagine Mr. Swiss discovering  the secret files of Mrs. Angloswiss. It would be catastrophic. All my hidden photos of The Chippendales would appear, although it would not be such a shock. When I was a working lady the Chippendales visited one of our nearby towns in Switzerland. I decided not to let the opportunity pass by and made a cautious suggestion in the office if anyone was interested. Within an hour I had a list of young (and not so young) ladies that were ready to devote fifty Swiss francs for the opportunity. Within another hour I had reserved our tickets and paid for them on line and we were ready to go.

Much was the astonishment of my boss in the office. He mentioned he had been trying to organise a group expedition from our office to go somewhere interesting during the past year, and I had managed it within two hours. You see, nothing held me back, or my work colleagues.

The evening approached and we were ready to go. We naturally booked the most expensive seats towards the front. We did not want to miss anything. The show began and actually we realised that seats were not really necessary, as we were standing most of the time to be able to study the dancing qualities of the young men in detail. Eventually there was an interval where we could buy various souvenirs. This was quite interesting as it seems there was a background team of wannabe Chippendales selling the goods. I was the one speaking the good english so I did the dealings. Yes, the men were very helpful and polite. They were not wearing their stage dress, unfortunately, but  everything was quite normal. Most of us, I think all of us, decided on a calendar for the next year and I believe I still have it in a safe place in the cellar. This must have been almost 20 years ago, When I now look at the fine young men in their artistic poses on the calendar today, I realise that they have most probably also now developed into golden oldies .

The finale of the show seemed to be combined with the young men on the stage in the wet look. They even invited members of the audience to join in. Before you ask, no I did not join in. I was not sure whether I could climb the steps to the stage without falling.

We eventually arrived home tired but happy and my boss was so ignorant, he did not even ask the next morning in the office if we had a good time.

Sorry to disappoint ladies, but no photos from the occasion. I did not take my camera with me. 


  1. While some are experiencing wonderful smooth working versions of Windows 10, others are having a very bad experience due to several bugs which have not yet been resolved by MS. The fortunate thing is, the free download is available for a full 12 months, during which one can switch back to the previous OS and download W10 again as many times as one wants. A good thing if you happen to be one of those affected by one of the bugs. You can switch back to W7 or W8 , then wait a few months while MS fix the problems.

    1. I have read a lot about this Windows 10. I am not so bothered at the moment as I am still on the waiting list and as you say I can always switch back if it doesn't work. I really only use this computer for my photos, and there again I have three back-ups on three different extra disks. I might even buy a new computer eventually. I don't know, but I am so happy with my Apple I do not have a lot to lose.