Sunday, 19 July 2015

WordPress daily prompt: Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

First of all let’s have a photo to counter balance this happy go lucky theme (one of my photos taken in Germany). Yes one day we will no longer be here due to some sort of uncontrollable happening. At what age did I realize this? I do not remember ever thinking about it in my younger years. This only happens when you become a golden oldie and notice in the newspaper you have constantly less friends and acquaintances and if you do not know what to do to occupy the time, then there is always funeral you can attend.

I could have posted a photo of one of the local cemeteries, even an international cemetery view, but they all look the same. A stone, a mound and words saying perhaps  “We will never forget” or the good old “R.I.P.”. So how did I react to the discovery that one day it will be my funeral everyone will be attending and celebrating with a meal and a glass of wine afterwards (if I have any friends left). One day my daily prompt, or daily anything, will no longer appear. Where has she gone you  might be asking. Did she at last get her Pulitzer/Nobel prize for her fantastic writing or has she robbed the bank and disappeared with the money.

You will not know, you will never know because my time will have come. I will be watching the daisies grow from the roots or perhaps be just a shower of ashes in the wind. There is always a possibility that I will join the vampire clan. winging my way through the darkness of night to find a new victim containing a fresh supply of blood for my needs. If this fails I can always fly through an open window of the local blood bank at the hospital and who knows? I might even find a bottle of the red liquid with the name “Mrs. Angloswiss” remaining from the earlier days when I was a blood donor.

You may think this is a morbid piece of blog to read, doesn’t she have anything better to do with her writing time? And you are right, but I did not choose the subject. The first time this prompt arrived I was younger and really making efforts to write something worthwhile, to leave my mark on the blogging world. Today I am just writing for the sake of writing because I cannot think of anything better to write about.

Even the weather is too hot and humid to take a walk in the neighbouring countryside, usually to the next cemetery which lays just around the corner. I am currently living in a dark world and luckily can escape to the porch to write in the open air. Indoors the atmosphere is oppressive, the dream of every vampire’s day. There is no light. The sun has been banned. All the blinds are closed (we have no curtains) and the windows shut to ensure that no ray of sun or fresh air enters the apartment. Temperatures outside are an average of 30°C and it has been wind still, although today there is a warm breeze trying to compensate. This morning we even had a shower of rain, which has become a rare commodity over the last month. Now and again I enter the apartment to be confronted with words “Shut the door” as fear has arrived that a breath of fresh (all be it warm) air might penetrate the darkness. Of course this is sensible to maintain cool temperatures during the night. My neighbour across the field has found the correct solution. She lives alone, is also a golden oldie, and sleeps outside on her porch. I have thought about this, but my felines complain. They do not need a human body sharing their summer sleeping quarters.

Now I will leave you, not permanently, but my writing task is now finished and remember, you are not immortal. There are facts that should be fixed in writing for the case that the daily prompt might want to know all about it.


  1. Beautiful display of flowers!!

    Yes, you are right. The older one gets the more often thoughts of our own mortality cross our minds. Often without invitation, but there's no stopping them sometimes. I am due to go into hospital soon, for an operation considered minor and everyday common, and yet those damned thoughts pop into my head unbidden.

    1. I remember you saying you had to have an operation some time ago and so I hope all goes well. Mr. Swiss had had a hernia operation about two months ago, but that seems to be a golden oldie male thing. He only had to wait a week for the operation. I am more worried about my 100 year old dad, although I just called him and he seems to be getting on OK in consideration of his age.