Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Return of Mrs. Human

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

“Hello felines, I’m back.”
“Errr, you were away Mrs. Human?”
“You didn’t realise I was gone Tabby?”
“Not really. Did we notice she was gone Fluffy?”
“Who? Mrs. Human, well sort of. It was a lot more peaceful, no drama.” “Are you insinuating I make drama Fluffy?.”
“You don’t like it when I sleep on your chair. Anyhow for Tabby and I everything was as usual. Our feline recycling tray was emptied, our food dishes were full, even if it was only dry vitamin pellets.”
“Fluffy, you cannot have everything. Mr. Human was here and made sure that our needs were fulfilled. So what’s the big deal Mrs. Human and what’s that fat ginger feline doing in that photo with those strange green plants?”
“Tabby, that is my present for you. I met that feline while I was away in the vineyards of Germany. She lives there.”
“And what’s the deal? We have to clap and say what a lovely cat.”
“Ok Mrs. Human you were away taking photos of felines that live in vineyards. Not very interesting.” “Actually I was attending my son’s wedding in Germany.”
“Aha, you mean your overgrown kitten has found another overgrown kitten.”
“Something like that Tabby.”
“About time Mrs. Human. He was always sleeping in our room when he visited, although we haven’t seen him for some time. Now that you are back Mrs. Human you can serve us a dish of tuna fish and give me a tummy tickle. Mr. Human doesn’t do tummy tickles so well.”
“Is that all you missed?” 

“We missed nothing actually, looks like Mr. Human was well trained.”


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  2. It's so nice to be missed, isn't it??? LOL!!

  3. Nice to see you Pat, glad you had a nice break away even thought your kitties have attitude pretending they didn't miss you. lol