Thursday, 5 February 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law 2

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

Solothurn Police Car

Since my last attempt at breaking the law when I had a plantation of weed in the garden, I have become very law abiding until ….. It was something like this.

I was leaving the supermarket after my shopping trip, glad to arrive at the car with no problem and then I felt the cold steel of handcuffs on my wrists. There were two of them, police officers dressed in their nice neat uniforms in dark blue and they had their pistols drawn. 

“Okay mam, legs apart, arms apart and lean on the car, we have to do a body search.”

Wow this was pure excitement, although I was a little uncomfortable with the leg bit. The ground was icy.

“Police Office, sir, I cannot part my arms because you have just handcuffed my wrists.”

“Fritz how long have you been a police officer?”

“Hans, it is my second week in uniform, I was at the desk before.”

“I noticed. We search the prisoner before we use the handcuffs.”

“Ok Hans.”

My handcuffs were removed. I then felt the prod of a gun in my back, so did the television thing again for the officers, wondering which film they were shooting and where the hidden camera was. I quickly came to the conclusion that this was real life. In the meanwhile the police officer known as Hans, who seemed to be the chief, was searching in my handbag.”

“You are Mrs. Angloswiss. Anything you say will be recorded and held against you.”

“What is the problem officer.”

In the meanwhile Fritz, the deskman, was searching through my shopping bag.

“Look Hans, as we suspected, three iPads, 3 iPhones and four blue teethed mice, together with one of those portable computers.”

“Fritz, you do not have to put blue tooth mouse into the plural even if there are more than one.”

“Oh, sorry Hans, it is my first computer theft.”

“I noticed. We are arresting you for iTheft Mrs, Angloswiss. Do you have anything to say in your defence.”

“Now hold on officers, I am on a quest. I was only dealing with today’s daily prompt for WordPress.”

“You write WordPress daily prompts? Would today’s prompt be “Breaking the Law”?”

“Yes, how did you know.”

“Fritz alarm Interpol, it is the fifth case today in Europe. The States report a record number of crimes carried out by WordPress Daily Prompt candidates. Mostly petty stuff, but there were a few bank robberies and kidnappings and one assassination in Silicon Valley. They shot some adroid guy called Wordy.  I think we have caught a big fish here. I remember the day well on 20th January 2013 when it all began.”

“Yes Hans, I think we studied that at police school. The were outrages all over the world. At that time Switzerland was not so hard hit, There was only one case actually known. But, wait a minute, it was a Mrs. Angloswiss. We got her for planting cannabis in the garden and it spread all over the village where she lives. She was dealing in the stuff.”

“I was not officer, I was just being creative in fulfilling the daily prompt.”

He had a long conversation with his office and then told me to relax and said I was very lucky. It seemed that due to the WordPress Prompt crimes being committed on this day, the charges would be dropped. WordPress had admitted to misleading their members. It was only figuratively speaking and not to be taken seriously. They had offered all the police officers a WordPress free dot com website and a premium theme of their choice as compensation. 

As I drive off from the scene of the crime I looked in my rearview mirror. Hans and Fritz had removed two of the stolen iPads from my shopping bag and were busy logging in somewhere. Would it be WordPress? Anyhow I still had my remaining iPad and the other stuff. Sometimes you have to be grateful for those repeated WordPress challenges.


  1. Those two officers seem rather inept. I bet they got back to find someone had stolen their policecar!!