Saturday, 25 May 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing

What will be the next must-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators?
Photographers show us INNOVATIVE.

Nera drinking water from the toilet

If this is not innovative, then nothing is. It just takes a highly intelligent feline to realise that you do not need any special contraption for supplying fresh water. Just take it where you find it.

“Correct Mrs. Human, it is the best and most fresh water supply available. My feline groupies agree, and it is constantly renewed. I would just add that we felines are not in for sharing. Perhaps a similar contraption, built a little lower with a wider brim would be better, exclusively for us. You know inventions can always be improved.”

“Yes, Nera, I will have a word with our local sanitary installations experts. I am sure they will be able to design something to suit the superior feline race.”

But seriously, do we golden oldies, approaching their 7th decade like myself, really need more inventions to improve life. At the turn of the century we had a so-called industrial revolution. Machines were developed, railways were built and toilets were invented (yes Nera, I know, it still needs some improvements to suit the feline world). Nera go and hunt a mouse or play with your other feline colleagues. Nera walks off swishing her tail backwards and forwards and gave me one of those “if feline looks could kill” glances.

So now I am on my own and to continue. Over the years I came to grips with the computer. I had to, otherwise I would have lost my job. The computer today is again completely different to the first computer. We have touch screens, wifi, the air is full of signals. Where is this all leading to? I have discovered over time that there is no point in complaining, progress means profit. Some time ago Facebook developed something called a timeline. No-one wanted it, but they got it. After half a million people complained, timeline still stayed. It is still there and since the initial installation it has often been “improved” again and again. No-one wants the improvements, but what is the point in complaining. No-one really listens and you will not be asked. So no matter if you do not want a new technical innovation, you will get it; the main reason being that it makes profits. The world revolves on money.

I do not read books any more, I read my Kindle. To be quite exact, I read my iPad. The Kindle app (also a newfound inventive word) can be uploaded (or downloaded?) onto your iPad. Even on your iPhone. I do not know what the next step will be, but some bright spark in the dungeons of inventive progress will probably invent a chip to insert in your glasses. Just give it a click and you can read your book, the letters just flash across the lens If you are not short sighted, then just wear plain glass. If you are, all the better, the print will adapt according to your eyesight.

Mr. Swiss bought a navigation GPS thing for the car this week. I really do not know why. We only drive to the local supermarket, or to town, but according to public opinion it is much better for finding the way on the road. On the other hand, I am sure he will have a need for it: being a golden oldie jazz musician he now and again has a “gig” in a faraway place that no-one has ever heard of. One of his jazz colleagues lives on the borders to Switzerland in France, another in the Bernese Overland. I am sure this appliance will be of use for him. I also know that I will never touch it. We have been driving the car since we were allowed to and always found the way home, but today you need a sexy female voice telling you to turn right and then follow the street another 20 kilometers, where you turn right again: you have now arrived. Fantastic, although your colleagues or family are probably waiting in front of their house, or the town is full of signs to show where to go. We also have a thing on the car called a “tempomat”. Just switch it on, forget the gas pedal, the car just drives further at the same speed until you push the foot on the break. I have never used this, and probably never will.

Of course, plans are being made in a secret place in a car manufacturers (probably where they all speak Chinese – yes, beware, they are here) for a car that does not need a driver. Just press the correct button, or send the right signal, and the car leaves. Just tell it where to go and it will (it will probably be developed in all languages).

So let us take a moment to think things over. Do we need all of this? I do not, but many companies, interested in making big profits, will. It seems to be the world moves depending on the amount of money made. You want to be successful then invent something new. If you have already invented it, then do it again, but in a different colour or shape. This will keep you ahead and in the name of progress some nations and people will get rich.

You think nuclear bombs are the last cry in destruction. One day they will discover the bomb that does not even make noise. Just a release of a certain DNA substance in the atmosphere and every humanoid will disappear, not even die: just vanish. The vegetation will remain of course, for the people deemed to survive. You think this is rubbish – I wish it was. 


  1. You're approaching your 70th decade??? You're older than I thought!!! LOL.

    There will always be a financial aspect to innovation and invention, but it's not always necessarily the original thought behind a new idea, although it rapidly becomes so when it appears that everyone thinks it's great and wants it!!

    Me and Joanne have found these GPS navigation things really useful when touring in the US, but they are pretty pointless just for local use where you already know every street :-))

    1. I sometimes feel like I am in my 70th decade - LOL - but will correct it.