Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution that you kept?

A September Walk through Solothurn

Midnight is long gone, but no problem, no resolutions were made, so nothing to lose.

Basically I do not resolve at the New Year, because it is a New Year. A day later it is no longer a New Year, so the logical conclusion is what you said yesterday, is not longer valid as you are already in an old year.

There are not many things left to resolve at my age really. I gave up smoking at least fifteen years ago. Not because I wanted to, but because I always got that stupid question on the questionnaires they gave me when a surgical intervention in hospital was to be made with aneasthetic. You get the feeling that when they knock you out, you will not awake again if you say yes the simple words “Do you smoke?”. I decided that I would write “No” to remain in this world.

As I don’t drink anything stronger than tea or Cola,that question about “Do you drink”  never actually arrived on the list.

I must seem quite a boring personality slowly.

I belong to Facebook and there was a time when I actually played games. I had a farm in Farmville, a pet in Petville and an appartment and house in Yoville. The best is to come, I had a very successful AngloSwiss Restaurant in Café World. I had long given up with farming, living in a town and keeping a pet, but remained with my Café. I was one of the best. It was open twenty-four hours a day. Had equipped the café completely with  half speed stoves (all  were four burners) and was cooking day and night. Luckily I did not have to stay on the computer day and night because everything was programmed. One day I discovered I was also programmed, so I closed the café, just shut it down, and as far as I know the dishes I left to cook are still cooking (I had a “No Spoil Fairy so the food never spoilt). If this had happened at the New Year, it would have been a New Year resolution, but it happened some time in the Summer months.

I no longer play games in Facebook, just say hello to some of my 850 colleagues now and again that seem to live in Facebook. Up to this point my computer was plugged in all day. Now it is only plugged in when I use it.

I turn lights out if they are left on. I switch the vacuum cleaner off if someone just leaves it running. I am very energy conscious. I practice my Tai Chi half an hour every day (nice slow motion). What could be better?

After reading this I realise I am so perfect, that there are no more resolutions left for me to resolve.


  1. I also didn't make any New Year's resolution! I use to play many of the same Facebook games and came to the same conclusions as you. I only play mini games like solitaire on there every so often when I need a break from whatever it is I'm doing :) Thank you for the share!

  2. I don't bother making New Year resolutions. They just seem like a pointless exercise. Most people have forgotten them within a week.

    Oh, BTW, I sent you an e-mail yesterday asking if you would host the PT challenge on 12th Jan, but not had a reply, wasn't sure if I'd sent it to the correct address or not.

  3. Hi Mitch - 12th January is ok for me. No problem. I get so many mails that I sometimes just kill them all with one swipe and then realise that the swipe can land in the wrong place.

  4. Many thanks Pat!! I'll put you on the list :-))

  5. I never make them because like you I don't need to. LOL

    I'm also with FaceBook but haven't gone there for at least six months. May as well close it down. I never play computer games because that is a waste of my time. I am always busy making work for myself. LOL
    It is actually a perfect day for cleaning windows but no energy right now. Maybe later. LOL