Monday 7 January 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Helpless

Helplessness: that dull sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that? and what did you do about it?

Aquarium entrance to natural history museum

Delios had awoken after a troubled night’s sleep and cast her eyes upwards towards the sky. There was no doubt the two moons of planet Koshka were closer than ever. Life used to be so nicely organised. Night would arrive and there would be one moon on the right, Gany, and its partner, Mede, on the left. A nicely balanced sky. The Powers said that the planet was growing older and the moons did not have enough gravital strength, so they were pulling towards each other and growing closer. There would come a time when they would touch and they were powerless to do anything about it.
“Delios, make yourself ready. Pack just the necessary clothes you need. There will be many of us on the ships and we have to save on weight.”

“Ok, mum. Do you think the rescue will come in time.”

“I do not know Delios, we can only hope. The Powers have done what they could. They say there is another world on the other side of the galaxy with the same atomosphere as ours and in time we will reach this world and perhaps be able to colonise it.”

“How can we be sure mum?”

“We cannot be sure Delios. We will never be sure again. Our world is on the edge of its collapse. We cannot stop it and can only hope that this new world will be able to support us.”

It was then that a crackling noise was heard coming from above. Gany and Mede were moving faster towards each other and there was an eletric storm between them. Two peaceful moons that had declared war on each other, or so Delios imagined.

“Come Delios, we have no time to lose. The ship is ready, take my hand.

Delios and her mother went out into the world of Koshka. There were other members of their planet teeming into the streets, all marching in the same direction, towards the landing place of the ships. It was an amazing site, many large ships were waiting for the Koshkians. They were a disciplined race and there was no panic. They obeyed the Powers and went one by one into the ships, their names being ticked off a list as they entered.

The male species had already left Koshka with some selected females and were on their way to the New World.

“Hi Delios, you here too. I am so glad to see a familiar face.”

It was Krator, a schoolfriend of Delios.

“And I am glad to see you. At least the journey will not be so monotonous with some friends.”
“We are all here Delios, the Powers made sure that the school groups would be in the same ship.”

This was a tranquilising thought for Delios, knowing that her school colleagues would also be there. Delios mother was also glad and she soon settled into a group of other parents.

“Attention, fasten seat belts and stay calm. Preparing for take off” came a voice from the loudspeaker.

There was a noise, a roar and the ship left the solid ground of planet Koshka. As they move further away from their familiar home planet, the Koshkians looked back on their world. There were some tears shed knowing that they planet would stop existing in time and they could do nothing about it.
Delios felt tired, as most of the travellers. It had been a day full of stress. The ship moved on through the space when the dark surroundings were suddenly aglow with an extremely bright light. They looked through the windows of the ship and saw the last and final signals from Koshka. The moons had touched and fought their last battle with each other. They had exploded and planet Koshka disappeared into a myriad of tiny fragments. There was no return.

The ships continued on their way and arrived on the new world. It was a long journey, and the parents of the children on board were now older, the children no longer children and there was a new generation on the ship. Some inhabitants had not survived the long journey and had been sent into the endless space surrounding the ship as their last resting ground.

“Fasten seat belts, we are landing on this new planet which is to be known as Earth.”

Delios looked out of the window and saw trees, grass and flowers, just as on Planet Koshka. She also saw Koshkians standing and watching. Descendents of the original colonists of Koshka. The new colonists were welcomed with open arms.

The original colonists that had landed so many years before had to work to prepare a safe colony for the descendents. They had rid the new planet of the monster animals that had seemed to be the only inhabitants of this wild but beautiful planet. At least they had enough food from their enormous bodies. They called them dinosaurs.

And so life continued, and developed.

Well it could have been like that.


  1. No doubt their descendants named one of Jupiter's moons Ganymede in remembrance of the two 'warring' moons :-))

  2. Awesome blog Pat and the photo above is beautiful and unusual.

  3. The photo is from the entrance hall of our local Natural History museum.