Saturday 5 January 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Call me Ishmael

Take the first sentence from your favourite book and make it the first sentence of your post - Dracula by Bram Stoker

Kaisergruft, Vienna
Tomb in the Imperial crypt in Vienna (my own photo)

3, May, Bistritz – Left Munich at 8.35 P.M. on 1st May, arriving at Vienna early next morning, should have arrived at 6.46, but train was an hour late.

Let me introduce myself. Morticia Harker, yes that’s right. I am one of the descendents of the Harker family. Great grandad went on a business trip many years ago to castle Dracula. He did return, but over the years it seems he changed a little. So did his wife Mina, but no problem, it just stayed in the family.

Thank goodness this time the train was on time, I hate travellng during the day. At 8.35 the sun is shining and that is not good for my complexion or my nature. You wonder why? Jonathon and Mina Harker were my great grandparents. Ok, no big deal, but unfortunately I seemed to have inherited their negative genes. You do not believe in vampires? In that case just forget me. That man on the train did not believe in them either. I had my special sexy dress on and used all my charms. The last thought on his mind was a vampire. We both had fun, but poor man is now suffering from quite a loss of blood. He will recover, no doubt. Oh Jonathon and Mina, what were you thinking of. Dracula was basically a nice guy, just misunderstood.

“Tickets please. Thankyou mam. We have a small delay I am afraid. One of the passengers was taken ill and we had to arrange an emergency transport to the hospital.”

“I hope not too serious guard.”

“No, I don’t think so. Seems to have injured himself somehow. No idea how it happened, but lost quite a bit of blood.You are travelling further to Bistritz? Your connection leaves in an hour from Vienna.”

“Thankyou, but I prefer the night train.”

“No problem, there is a train at midnight from the East Station.”

I do not like travelling during the day. The light really bothers me. It is a shame really. Vienna must be a lovely town. My godfather Dracula (oh yes, it stays in the family) recommended Vienna. It has the biggest cemetary in Europe. He also said the best place to spend the day would be in the Imperial crypt in Vienna. I should just go there and hide in one of the tombs. With my super vampire strength I should have no problem in lifting the lid. They are all made of solid material, mostly metal. Nice and cool and dark. In the evening I can crawl out in time to catch the train. A chauffeur in a limousine will be waiting for me at the station in Bistritz.

I just love those family get togethers. My great grandparents will be there as well. It will be so nice to see great grandpa and grandma Jonathon and Mina again. I love hearing the stories of the days gone bye. Shame that Van Helsing cannot join us. I am sure he would have had a lot to tell, but he was too busy holding crosses up in the air and sprinkling water all over the place.  He even died a "natural" death, whatever that is. Mum and dad wanted to come, but they were delayed. Dad had an emergency situation at the blood bank where he works. Seems that blood had been disappearing and the police had been called in. Probably the blood I am bringing with me as a contribution to the family meal. They just love the rhesus negative sort. Has more “oomph” Godfather Dracula said. Mum is working night shift at the local burial parlour and needs her beauty sleep during the day.

Now I have to climb down the sewer.

“Hi rats, how are you all keeping?”

“Fine thanks. Nice to see you Morticia. Anything new?”

“Not really. Oh yes, I have been offered a film part in “Return to Transylvania. Apparently I am ideal for the role with my pale skin and wonderful white teeth. They said I don’t even need any makeup.”

“Great, we are glad fo you. By the way a few of our relations have been invited to you family get together. They will be dealing with the entertainment. “

“Just perfect. And now I must hurry, before the sun gets too strong.”

“You know the way Morticia” said the chief rat “just along the main sewer until it branches off to the right and then up the ladder, lift the manhole and you are opposite the imperial crypt which is just opening.”

“Thanks rat. Good night everyone.”

Now to take a well deserved rest after the exhaustions of the night.


  1. I love the way you think Pat. A great read!

  2. A story you can really get your teeth into :-))