Monday, 31 December 2012

George Clooney calls in for a coffee

Nespresso coffee machine

Here it is, my chance to see George Clooney. It all started about a week before Christmas. We had visitors and as usual a coffee was served. I do not drink coffee and Mr. Swiss just likes a cup of instant, nothing special, but the next day we had a conversation.

"I think it would be a good idea to buy a coffee machine. One of those small Nespresso machines. The Migros (local Swiss Tesco alike) has a special offer."

"But I don't drink coffee, it doesn't agree with me and you only drink instant."

"I know, but every time we have visitors we more or less have to apologise for serving instant, because we don't have anything else."

This was where I really had to agree. Our visitors are polite visitors and say "no problem, we like instant" but they are Swiss visitors usually and have real bean coffee flowing through their circulation. They drink our instant, but I have to put the coffee powder in the cup, pour in the boiling water, add milk (no cafe cream) and sugar or those non sugar tablet things. A neat little machine would be much more handy, your visitors have a choice and after all even my youngest son has one.

I then remembered the advertisement on the TV

Now what lady in her right mind would miss the chance of having George Clooney for a coffee.

So Mr. Swiss and I visited our local supermarket. We found they had about ten different colours for the machine we wanted. We chose the steel blue look, finding it looked quite professional. The assistant said they only had the model in that colour which was on show, but no problem. He would fetch the box and pack it for us. After a ten minute disappearance, he returned with the box. Mr. Swiss asked for the coffee capsules and we were told you can only buy them in a Nespresso shop (where I might meet George Clooney?) or order online.

It was two days before Christmas, so we knew that online ordering would not be possible for Christmas. Who cares? We were happy with our instant and me with my tea and George Clooney probably had other things to do at Christmas. We ordered the coffee on line and had a gift voucher for fifty Swiss francs, which would be enough coffee for our consumption to last a year. The coffee has not yet arrived.

Unfortunately our little town of Solothurn does not have a Nespresso shop. My son visited at Christmas, he was guest for a sleep over and informed that in the town of Biel, where he lived, they had a Nespresso shop and he could get the coffee capsules for us with no problem. Biel is only a 30 minute train journey from where we live, so we could even go to Biel ourselves with the train or car and buy our refills (and I had a chance of meeting George Clooney in the Nespresso shop?).

We are now the proud possessors of a Nespresso Pixie machine. Mr. Swiss has even drunk two cups of the coffee. All the different sorts have names, but he naturally had to try the Voluto, the one that John Malkovich likes. I had a sip and found not bad at all. In the meanwhile we even have cafe cream in little capsules, for professional serving of course. Up to now we have used one. Must check on the expiry date.

So George Clooney I am ready for your visit.


  1. Quite an amusing commercial, I'd never seen it before. John Malkovich is one of my fave actors, he has such a wide acting range.

    I'm a coffee addict, but I can adapt my taste to the situation. Only have instant? That's ok by me.

  2. I hate to say it but I am a coffee snob. I would take a glass a water over instant coffee, but I think I could drink whatever George is drinking :)

  3. I don't like instant coffee. It's fake to me. We have a Keurig coffee maker with K-cups. It's great for one cup of coffee. I have another coffee maker that brews 10 cups of coffee and can brew espresso. I can't duplicate the espresso that I get in restaurants or what I drank in Italy.

  4. I'll be interested to hear how your Nespresso goes, Pat. I note what people are saying about instant coffee, but I am a coffee addict and snob too and I find there are several excellent instant coffees on the market now. Isn't Nespresso just coffee in a capsule, instead of in a spoon, with boiling water added?

    I hadn't seen that ad either. Excellent! They run the one with girl here.

  5. First Pat, you can always meet George Clooney in your dreams???
    I too had not seen that add and think it is the best one I have seen so far.
    I am also a coffee snob but will drink instant if I have to. I have one of those machines on my wish list. LOL
    Great post.

  6. Nespresso is quite popular in Switzerland. Perhaps because it was "invented" by a Swiss company. We are not coffee drinkers in a big way. I used to drink coffee, but I have problems with the digestion and Mr. Swiss was never a big coffee drinker. Her really prefers the instant, although doesn't mind a Nespresso now and again.

  7. I liked the commercial and have had great reports about the coffee. Do you think Mr Clooney might also visit Australia? LOL...even if he doesn't I might try one soon myself. Enjoy!