Monday, 26 November 2012

The Trouble with Tabby

Tabby thinking

"Has anyone seen Tabby, she is so quiet."

"She is having a recovery sleep on the bathroom carpet" was the answer from the chief cat Nera.

"A recovery sleep?"

"Yes Mrs. Human. She had a territorial fight yesterday evening with Roschti, the red horror from next door and although she demonstrated our possessional rights, she had a little accident and is now recovering."

"Just a minute Nera, that sounds serious. When the felines are quiet then there is something wrong somewhere. I heard her crash through the cat flap with a yowl, but when I checked she seemed O.K. I must admit she has been very quiet today."

"I think Roschti gave her a scratch somewhere. Perhaps she has to go to the vet." said Fluffy.

"No Fluffy, I don't think so. Vets are to be avoided at all times. She will probably recover and if not, she has had bad luck. You cannot win every fight." said Nera

"Nera, that does not sound very compassionate or sympathetic. Tabby is your sister and you should care for her. If she is ill, you are to tell me straight away, so that Mr. Human and I can help her."

"Calm down Mrs. Human, she will probably survive. We cats just need peace and quite when we feel a bit under the weather. It is just fate. And I am sure she does not want to go the vet."

"Nera, what feline wants to go to the vet voluntarily?"

"No self-respecting feline goes to the vet because it wants to, only because the humans decide they have to."

"That is not logical Nera, typical I, me and myself. Were is Mr. Human. Have a look at Tabby, she seems to have a war wound somewhere. Are you going to tell me where Nera, or do we have to search all over Tabby's fur."

"I can tell you Mrs. Human" said Fluffy "have a look at her left eye, I think she got a scratch from Roschti."

"Thank you Fluffy, at least one feline cares for its neighbour."

"Of course I care Mrs. Human" answered Nera, "but I also care for Tabby's feelings and she definitely does not want to go to the vet."

"Neither do I Nera, but it is Sunday morning and there is no time to lose. Mr. Human just told me that her left eye is almost closed and does not look so good."

So I collected the cat cage, we put a sleepy listless Tabby in the cage and made our way to the vets with the car. I noticed that as soon as Mr. Human drove off, Tabby suddenly sat up and started to look around.

"Where are we going Mrs. Human" Tabby asked.

"To the vets Tabby, you don't look so well and I am sure you eye is hurting."

"No problem Mrs. Human, just a war wound, it just happens."

"I don't think so Tabby, and you are very quiet, I don't like that. Although it seems to me you are suddenlty active."

"Someone mentioned the word "vet" and then we are always active, waiting for an escape chance."

"Tabby that is not going to happen. Here we are at the vets and the nice lady doctor will now see what it wrong."

We were at the vets for about ten minutes. She checked Tabby's eye but found no big damage, just a stupid scratch below the eye and no danger to the sight. However, cats not being the cleanest of animals she had got an infection in the wound. She had her temperature measured, which was 38,5°  and 40° is fever. After an injection to lower the temperature, and a depot injection with antibiotics we packed Tabby in the cage again and was on the way home. We had eye drops for her, to apply once a day.

"Yes Mrs. Human, and if you think that is a pleasant feeling having a thermometer inserted in a tender place and two injections in the back, then I can assure you I would rather have been left on my nice warm carpet in the bathroom. No stress, just Nirvana." remarked Tabby.

"Hi Tabby, back from the vets?"

"Yes Nera, for what that was good I don't know. Everyone seems to think I am seriously ill, and now all I want is a good night's sleep."

"You see Mrs. Human, I told you, Tabby will survive as always."

"Of course she will Nera, because we took her to the vets and she had a couple of life saving injections, or did you want to see her suffer from blood poisoning."

"You see Nera, I told you it would be better for Tabby. After all she is a member of our tribe."

"Fluffy, just keep quiet. The last thing we need is a Florence Nightingale feline look alike around here. Anyhow, one thing is sure, the humans will suffer as well when they get the bill from the vet."

"Nera you are the most selfish, egoistic feline that I have ever met."

"Of course Mrs. Human, that's the way we are. Humans are only there to serve our purposes, and to keep the vets busy and pay the bills."

"Nera, take an example from Fluffy."

"That is a good point Mrs. Human. Looks like I will have to put in a few extra training lessons there."

Would add that a day later Tabby was back to her normal self. Going out and having fun. The last visit to the vets showed that the temperature returned to normal and the eye was on the best way to healing. Only a couple of drops more and everything back to normal. Was it my imagination or did I see Nera give Tabby a sisterly sniff around the nose, before they went to sleep?


  1. Gorgeous story ~smile~
    It is amazing how well they do spring back ...

  2. I love the dialogue between the cats and the humans. This will make a great children's story.

  3. I think Nera cares more than she is willing to admit. Glad to hear Tabby's injury was not too serious.