Friday, 2 November 2012

Last Days in London

Veg on offer in greegrocers Dagenham Heathway

I took this photo outside a local grocer's in Dagenham. Nice and colourful and just love the plastic bowls, what you see you can buy.

Ducks swimming on the River Rom

I even found that there were ducks swimming on the local River Rom, despite the muddy look of the water. The River Rom flows through the town of Romford, so I assume that is where it got its name from. Nice to see that there are some nature areas amongst the urban environment.

Romford is the best place to do any shopping and I found they are extending and developing, building new stores and centers. One is called the Brewery and they even had a balcony where I could take a few photos of Romford from above. Not exactly picturesque, mostly parking lots and buildings.

Romford from balcony at Brewery

This shopping area was known as the Brewery, so I assume that a brewery once stood on this site.

In any case I at last found a Sainsbury super market where I stocked up on various english biscuits to take home (custard creams, bourbon, fig rolls and garibaldi). Also bought a large box of Quality Street sweets, my oldest son likes them.

Brewery shopping centre, Romford

And here is a glimpse Southwards from the Dagenham Heathway. In the far distance you can see one of those windmills for electric energy. This is actually situated near the Ford motor works, the one time plant supplying work for the population. It was for this reason that mum and dad decided to move to Dagenham when the houses were demolished in Bethnal Green as dad would not have such a long way to travel to work. Ford is still there, but only on a small scale.

Dagenham Heathway towards Fords

All good things come to an end, as did my week in London. It was great to see my dad and find he was keeping well under the circumstances. He does not trust himself to go out any more (danger of falling), but he is still able to have a good argument and have his opinions on the daily affairs. His hobby seems to be Sudoku (which I am absolutely no good at). He has a super neighbour that shops for him and generally looks in to see how he is. His washing is cared for (service wash - picked up and brought when finished), his food is delivered and he has a cleaning lady once a week. Of course I still worry about him being on his own, but there are things in life that cannot be changed. Luckily I can call him on the phone (skype) as often I want to, although he tells me things are just the same and not to worry.

On my way to the airport on Wednesday morning I had plenty of time, so my friend dropped me off at my dad's for last farewells and picked me up an hour later. I arrived at London City airport in good time and felt safe and secure to see these two gentlemen. Did not want to get closer for the photo, in case they saw me and arrested me for terrorist reasons.

Airport Police, London City

I was flying Swiss, but my plan was at the end of the boarding gates, so no good perspective for a photo. However, this BA plane was just inviting me to take a photo. So this is my last blog about my visit to England, same place next year, but perhaps not same time.

Plane at London City


  1. It's great to hear you had a wonderful trip! Yummy treats :) lovely pics too :)

  2. Love that photo of the grocer's. Very colourful. LOoks like it was a good trip, saw some places, took some photos, got material for some stories :-))

    Main thing is that your dad is ok, and still going strong, even if he doesn't get out much.

  3. Fascinating post, Pat. The Brewery closed about 20 years ago (I had to look it up!). It had been there for nearly 300 years. Sad, but all things must pass. Even Ford is now passing; they have just announced they will close the plant at Dagenham.

  4. Meant to say - isn't it great that we can stay in touch with loved ones so easily these days!

  5. Fantastic photos Pat and so pleased you had a great time.

  6. Im glad you had a wonderful time Pat, I am sure you will be gklad to be back in your home;)

  7. Nice pictures, Pat. Looks like you had a great visit.

  8. Nice Photos Pat. . It would be so Wonderful to visit London. Woooow~!!
    I'm proud you hd a nice trip..