Sunday, 18 November 2012

Creative Challenge 228 - Brotherly Love

Stables at Sissinghurst

"What do you think Jason, looks like a fine horse."

"Yes, Bill, I reckon we will get a lot of work out him. Ok, Johnny what do you think, you are standing there holding her as if you have already adopted her.""

"She is a lovely horse uncles, can I go for a ride with her?"

"Of course you can son, she is all yours."

"You mean she belongs to me."

"It's your birthday son and that is our  birthday present" and Bill and Jason, the two uncles were proud of their son Johnny.

The thing was no-one was sure who Johnny's father was. Jason and Bill were both in love with Sarah, Johnny's mother, who died giving birth to Johnny. Sarah could never make up her mind between Bill or Jason. Of course it was a secret, but Bill and Jason were brothers, had gone to school together, shared everything, and had inhehrited the farm from their father. Sarah was a good housekeeper, looked after both the men and one day she told them she was expecting their child. She was not even sure herself who the father was.

Jason and Bill both had a guilty conscience, but they were brothers and Sarah being Sarah told them straight out.

"Listen boys, you are both good men and I could not wish for  better fathers  for my unborn. You both know how things have developed on this lonely farm, but I just want a good life for my child."

Six months later Sarah went into labour. It was deep Winter, they were snowed in and had no chance to call the local physician or a midwife, so they did what they could. It was a difficult birth. The baby was in the wrong position and Sarah could not be saved. In the nineteenth century medicine had not made such progress as today.

They decided they would do what they could for Sarah's son, who they named John, after their own father. Strange circumstances called for strange ways. It was decided that Johnny would call Bill and Jason uncle, although for Bill and Jason Johnny was their son.

And today Johnny was sixteen years old and he was given his first horse, a white mare, which he named Sarah after his mother who he never knew. He often wondered about his family circumstances, but Jason and Bill were the best uncles he could wish for. 

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  1. another believable story that not many would write about...the photo is perfect for the story

  2. The photo comes from my grandmother. She grew up at Sissinghurst castle and had 11 surviving brothers. They were all farm labourers and she worked in the diary. I assume that this photo would have been taken on the farm. They might be relations of mine, but I don't really know. My father gave me the photo.

  3. A great little story based on that old photo. I love how you can create a world with so few words. The sign of a good writer, in my opinion.

  4. Only a talented lady like you could have written such awesome little story from that beautiful old picture... Bravo!

  5. Your talents never surprise me, nor disappoint me!!

    Always a pleasure to read your writings