Tuesday, 9 October 2012


St. Urs steps towards Kronegasse

Was this the reason why my back decided to divide into two halves since the week-end. I ascended the steps to our cathedral to get a better photo of the main street on market day. Holding onto the stone railings I managed to descend again. 

Part of the St. Urs stairs

Now I have problems. Mr. Swiss said it is lumbago, in german the translation would be the witch's shot. It's not the first time I have had it an I know it takes a couple of days, about a week, to go away. I am ok when in action, but sitting down and standing up again is a problem. At the moment I feel like this bloke on the statue in front of the cathedral. And he does not look happy at all.

St. Urs fountain


  1. I have a long-standing back problem, although not lumbago. It was an injury I got in my first job after leaving school. It comes and goes, but less often in more recent years. When it does spasm, it can be quite painful for several days and restricts movement. Hope you're able to get around a bit better soon. Love the photo of the statue.

  2. Fortunately, I have never had such a pain but I have heard that sometimes it can be very painful... Don't you have possibility of going to a spa and swim? I presume swimming is recomendable... Hope you feel better soon... Nice shots!

  3. Lovely photos Pat.

    Not so lovely your sore back.I get that a lot through heavy lifting in the garden.

  4. So sorry to hear of your bad back. The photos you managed to get are really good.
    Get Well Soon.