Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fluffy and the mouse

Fluffy and the mouse

Mr. Human were just finishing lunch when we looked out of the window. Fluffy was outside in the garden doing feline things, we thought.

"Fluffy have you got a mouse in your mouth?" I asked, no answer.

"Fluffy, what have you got, answer me".

He dropped the mouse and looked in my direction.

"Mrs. Human I had a mouse in my mouth. I couldn't answer because my mouth was full, but now I am at your disposal."

Sometimes I have a feeling that somehow Fluffy knows what is going on, although he is blind. 

"What do you intend to do with that mouse?" I asked, silly question.

"Eat it of course, Mrs. Human, but you can dispose of the tail and the end bit afterwards, that part is not so inviting for feline taste buds."

"Meow Fluffy" and Tabby arrived. "Did you find that mouse that I caught."

"Yes, thanks Tabby" Fluffy answered.

"No good wasting a good mouse I always say. I already ate two on my hunting trip last night and just could not manage a third. Probably too full up from the tuna fish supper I had before I went out. No good wasting a mouse meal, I thought, so I brought it home." 

"Just a minute felines" I interrupted, "we are not a restaurant for dead mice, so just leave them in the field the next time, or let them run and don't kill them." 

"Mrs. Human, you can't be serious" and two pair of cat's eyes stared at me in disbelief. "Mice are the main part of our diet and you never ever waste a mouse. That stands in the book of Bast from the Egyptian corn chamber days when we were worshipped as gods."

"You know Mrs. Human" continued Tabby. "Mice are at their best in Autumn, nicely matured. You can almost compare it to that human stuff called wine. The older the better."

"Tabby is right" said Fluffy. "The older the better and in Autumn it is the last chance. Through the Winter you never see a mouse, but no problem. We look forward to Spring when we get the fresh mice. By the way Tabby, it was a good idea to leave it under the pampas grass. Protected it from the rain and there is nothing worse than damp fur on a mouse. Just spoils the complete flavour."

"No problem, Fluffy. It was a pleasure."

"Could we now perhaps change the subject" I said, "this is not so appetising."

"No problem Mrs. Human and don't forget to tell Mr. Human to clear the remains away. Nothing worse than having a tail and back bit of a mouse laying around. Might start to smell. Mr. Human always wraps it in paper and puts it in a plastic bag for the garbage men."

So Mr. Human cleared the corpus delecti away, mumbling about inconsiderate cats and why can't they eat vitamin enhanced food pellets like any other cat. I don't think Tabby and Fluffy were impressed. They were already on their way to a sleeping session in their nice soft comfortable cushions in a draught protected warm spot in our, sorry their home.

Fluffy and the mouse


  1. I'm sure my neighbour's cat agrees with Fluffy and Tabby. She keeps leaving half-eaten field-mice outside by back door.

  2. Good thing you have a Mr to take care of that yuck!

  3. I love the Fluffy story, Princess Mousie shudders and say "why are they eating the mouse, you only supposed to play a bit with them, till they stop running away.Not eat them.....jeiks, I prefer my special Hill's chunkies, to dead mice bits"

  4. A great read as always with my coffee Pat;)

  5. This made me smile! I hate that cats catch mice but it is what they do.